Ubisoft would prepare a new multiplayer oriented formula

Far Cry 7 may well revolutionize Ubisoft’s FPS franchise. According to a new leak, the next installment on PS5, Xbox Series and PC would completely depart from the traditional Far Cry formula and be more multiplayer oriented.

Far Cry 6 which is 44% faster with AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution came out only a few days ago. Players have not yet finished exploring Yara Island. They did not all free her from the grip of dictator Anton Castillo played by actor Giancarlo Esposito. Nevertheless, Far Cry 7 is already starting to make people talk about it.

Far Cry 6 – Credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft would indeed have been quick to start the development of the next installment of its successful franchise. According to a new leak, Far Cry 7 would go so far as to revolutionize Ubisoft’s formula. The FPS would be ” more multiplayer oriented »Than ever before.

Could Far Cry 7 revolutionize the franchise?

This is not the first time that a source has claimed that Far Cry 7 would be more multiplayer oriented. This would be its main difference from the previous installments of the franchise. A few months ago, Jason Schreier from Bloomberg even assured that Far Cry 7 would go ” in a radically different direction for Far Cry ».

We don’t have more details yet on how Far Cry 7 will use multiplayer. However, we do know that Ubisoft is moving more and more towards the game-service business model. The French studio confirmed in July the development of Assassin’s Creed Infinity which promises to be an evolving platform. A service game is a traditional game with paid content added on a regular basis. Rainbow Six Siege competitive FPS playable in 4K at 120 FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X (also from Ubisoft) is one of the most notable examples of the game as a service.

Either way, we don’t know for sure the future of the Far Cry franchise yet. If Far Cry 7 is well and truly developed as a game-service, fans of the traditional formula virtually unchanged since the release of the first opus in 2004 may be disappointed with this drastic change.

Source : ComicBook

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