UBS-Hamers: Duzis shows how banking is changing

Today is CS branding day at Blick, the whole online site is littered with advertising of the number 2. It is precisely in this environment that Ralph Hamers, head of UBS, is there first big interview in a popular medium.

Without a tie, shirt buttons open, chatting in German – this is how the UBS boss receives the gaze and the newspaper begins the conversation. In this, the chairman of the country’s most important financial institution wants to show himself as a hands-on boss with a heart for the crew.

“That’s me, Ralph Hamers,” said the UBS boss when asked what he wanted to signal with sneakers on the job.

The Dutchman, who earned over four million in his first four months at the big bank last year, two of them as an “apprentice”, puts his outfit in the context of the upheaval in the industry.

“But my appearance also shows that times have changed in the banking business,” says Hamers in Blick.

“A new generation with fresh ideas is entering. For them it is important that you are authentic – then you are also attractive as an employer. “

UBS as a modern company that is there for the people – not for the management: the message is reinforced by a story about the “Eternal” home office for a large part of the crew in the today’s Financial Times.

In keeping with the bank with a heart, Hamers emphasizes that he is not a cool job-shaper.

“No, there are no major job cuts, but layoffs,” said the UBS top man on the Blick question about the current austerity program.

This includes “(g) at the same time recruitment and retraining”, which “(below) the line” leads to “the number of our employees remaining roughly the same”.

So no mass layoffs, but restructuring, is Hamer’s message.

Whether he will “survive” at UBS for a long time depends on the judiciary in his home country. This investigates because of a huge money laundering failure by Hamer’s ex-bank ING.

As the boss, he wants to be fair: “I set an example through my work what I expect. I am authentic and a team player. And down to earth, just like the Swiss are. Here at UBS, we use our terms, communicate directly and openly. “

He doesn’t want any special deals with people just to get something from them himself. “I help out of conviction,” he explains.

Then the devout Catholic continues: “I also believe that everyone always deserves an honest second chance. And that everyone has a God-given talent to use for the benefit of society. “

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