Udon only registered 6 thousand vaccinations from 3,4 hundred thousand eligible persons. Doctor won everyone to register.

Udon, 5 days, vaccine reservation 6,241 people from 3.4 hundred thousand people

At 2:00 pm on May 5, 2021, Mr. Uthainha Kaew, Deputy Doctor of Public Health, Udon Thani Province, Dr. Sumon Tangsoonthornwirat, Deputy Director of Udon Thani Center Hospital. Join the daily press conference The COVID-19 situation in Udon Thani through the zoom program to reduce the cluster that no internal outbreak was detected. Despite seeing an additional 1 infected from neighboring provinces, the cumulative total of 373 returned home, 242 still treated 129, 2 deaths (the same) and reported the vaccination site of Udon Thani since 7. Jun. 64 onwards

Mr Uten said One additional infected person was detected (from 1,887 tested), a man, domiciled in Nong Khai Province, a Bangkok-Nong Khai tour bus driver. And Bangkok-Nakhon Phanom I wish to come and check Once detected, it was confirmed. Get treatment at Udon Thani Center Hospital This is the third case with domicile in nearby provinces. Come for treatment in Udon Thani Which the person receiving the service asked to return to treatment at A hospital close to home May be able to say that today Udon is not infected within the province. Still remaining high-risk exposure Wait for the second infection test and watch out for travelers from outside the area. If the infection is found, it can be treated. No infection was found, then quarantined and watched first

“Udon Thani, 14 days of safety Has issued a guideline Travelers entering Udon Thani area, if coming from 50 provinces, those who have completed 2 vaccinations, can travel as DMHTT, and 1 vaccine is asymptomatic. No DMHTT infectious pathogen was found, PCR was detected again, and those with abnormal symptoms had to be tested for PCR repeat, who had not been vaccinated. No symptoms for a rapid test DMHTT is not found, the infection is found to be tested for PCR again by a PCR inspector, if the infection is not found, it must be quarantined for 14 days and if the infection is found, must be sent to the hospital for treatment. “

Mr. Uthen continued that This period confirms the vaccination. Of the elderly group 60 years and over and patients in groups of 7 diseases have a total history of 340,000 people in the register. MCOT has entered the survey area. There were 205,945 vaccines who wish to be vaccinated while being enrolled through ready doctors. To reserve the injection, specify the location of the provincial hospital And community hospitals, districts, and the date and time up to today, a total of 6,241 cases, inviting this group to confirm, either through the ready doctor, the hospital you have the right to treat, or the hospital.

Dr. Sumon said that Udon Thani Center Hospital Care of 96 or less than 100 patients and the first time, separately 59 at Udon Thani Hospital Center and 37 at Udon Thani Care Center or Sanam Hospital. 8 patients were required to give pressurized oxygen. that The vaccination part of Udon Thani Center Hospital The original injection at the hospital. Has changed the location to the ground floor Multipurpose Meeting Center, Department of Udon Thani, which has prepared the venue With the second vaccination for medical personnel and the police officers to control the disease And injected to the elderly And patients with a group of 7 diseases, starting on June 7, 64, 3,000-4,000 people per day, asking this group of people to register everyone.

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