Udon Thani Seriously Strict measures for the first day of COVID cases, 1 case ‘refuses to quarantine’

Udon Thani Seriously One case of ‘refusing to quarantine’ is intensified, and proactive testing revealed in low-risk groups who found the infection before expanding.

On May 2, 2021 Mr. Siam Sirimongkol Governor of Udon Thani Province Mr. Uthainha Kaew, Deputy Director of Public Health, Udon Thani Province Dr. Sumon Tangsoonthornwirat, MD. Deputy Director of Udon Thani Center Hospital Jointly announce the situation of COVID-19 Through the zoom program to reduce that clustering

In Udon Thani, 11 additional cases were detected, accumulated 369 cases, 180 returned home, 187 still died. Udon Thani Hospital Center, 75 cases, no critically ill patients Only moderate symptoms Wait to see the symptoms at the center or the hospital, the remaining 57 cases are scattered. Prajak Camp Hospital, Bangkok Hospital Udon and Community Hospital

Check for COVID

Mr. Siam Sirimongkol, Governor of Udon Thani Province, said today is the first day that the restaurant can be opened for sitting until 21.00 and can be taken home until 11:00 PM. At home Hopefully there will be no grouping together for “Udon Thani 14 Days of Safety” proactive checks into every district. Found infected with no latent symptoms Raising the number of infected people Would like not to scare the public Because it is likely to be a good result Not to spread the infection to other people

The governor of Udon Thani said that On the first day from legal measures Prosecuted those who refused to detain Which has a fine of not more than 20,000 baht for 1 person in the district of Nam Som District, the result will be further informed. And have been informed as evidence With people who post messages on Facebook In the case of monks in a temple in Udon Thani area Until the temple was damaged Which such information is false Which posters are government officials Will have to invite to give evidence In the government, discipline is also considered. Therefore warn that information sharing must be checked first

Mr. Uthenhakaew Deputy Director of Public Health, Udon Thani Province said that the detection of COVID-19 was available at the Udon Thani Center Hospital, all districts of community hospital. And proactive testing at the Municipality School 2, Thanon Udon Thani yesterday, examined a total of 1,139 cases, including 938 Rapid Test cases, 188 PCRs, and 13 others. Found an infected person Today, proactive examination of 50 high-risk provinces (20 Apr-1 May) for infected people was detected as a cluster, it is still a case of 3 additional Ban Dung bands. 9 cases and 5 high-risk people waiting for the second examination

“Proactive testing to find people who are infected without symptoms with Rapid Test. Have found many infected people And re-examined by PCR, for example, in Nong Han District, people from the risky areas quarantined at home without symptoms Brought to be found to be infected Currently being examined for expanding high-risk groups, and in Muang District, descendants from Maha Sarakham Province, asked to proactively detect infection Brought himself to be examined and treated And from the examination of high-risk groups The infected person was found as a mother, aunt, a husband, aunt, two aunts, a total of 6, and another aunt’s child sent the case to Songkhla Province and still had to check for the second high-risk person: father-younger-niece. If this case cannot be found, chances are it is a large cluster. “

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