UEFA Europa League | Liverpool’s experience of defeating ten horses is repeatedly controversial and verdict that Gaopu shakes hands with “eating lemons” and refuses to blame Schimony (12:16)-20211020-Sports-News

Liverpool dominated the game in the first 15 minutes of the match, first with Shana to pass three consecutive levels, and then a long-range shot to set a record for the provincial middleman, setting a record for 9 consecutive games in team history. But Ma realized that there were many left attacks afterwards, Thomas Lynn Ma and Zuofilis each had their own breakthroughs, resulting in Kishavin’s two consecutive goals to equalize. The latter failed to shoot Alison Biga, who was re-elected in a single shot, but when he tried to stop the ball with his foot after changing the edge, the sole was printed on the head of the enemy striker Roberto Faminu, becoming the first in the history of the European Union. A player who led the red after scoring two goals in a single game. The Reds scored 12 yards with Dia Kozu Da at the end of the game. Shana scored a shot from Hu and won a full 3 victory in Group B, where there are no shortage of strong players. The Portuguese Super League’s Porto beat Serie A 1-0 at the same time at the same time, representing AC Milan, scoring 4 points with Ma Tihui, and Milan lost all 3 games.

The horse realized that the original chance of the final stage of the game was tied again, but Jose Kivennis fell in the penalty area once, and after the final replay, he thought that Zuda did not foul and canceled the home team’s 12 yards. When asked about a series of unfavorable teams, Shimoni said it was just a bad luck. “If VAR says it’s not 12 yards, it’s not for me. As for Kishavin knows that it is a red card, even though we all know that he has no intention of hurting his opponent. He was upset because he left the game at a critical moment of the game. His team played to the benefit of AC Milan under similar circumstances, this time it was the opposite.”

Gaopu praised the ball’s courage to change the judgment. After the game, he hoped to shake hands with Shimoni but was ignored. As you said, I felt angry at the moment, but now I have this emotion because of your problem.” Shimoni said that the incident was just the difference between the football cultures of the two places.

The league opponents of the two armies won a triumphant victory on the same day. Among them, Manchester City had Mares scored twice, defeated Bruges of Belgium 5:1, and fell behind Paris Saint-Germain by 1 point in Group A. Real Madrid defeated Ukraine’s Saqda 5-0 in Group D, and chased to the same point with Shulev, but they were not as good as their opponents in the match.

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