Uefa Europa League quarter-final draw, Thursday night, 28 April 2022: Leipzig win late, West Ham defeated at home.

Results UEFA Europa League 2021/22 Round 4, last team, first match Thursday night, April 28, 2022 consists of…

RB Leipzig 1-0 Glasgow Rangers (Angelinho 85)

The picture of the game is the host who has possession of the ball invaded. The visiting team try to defend calmly and find an opportunity to counter. That makes, although Leipzig can control the tempo of the game better. But there weren’t many chances to end up in dangerous areas. Like in the second half the visitors continued to focus on the defensive pack hoping to keep the score. But the game, which was supposed to end in a draw, had a tone goal from the home side in Angelinho’s beautiful long shot outside the box in the 85th minute that helped Leipzig gain one goal in the leg. first


RB Leipzig v Rangers: Semi Final Leg One – UEFA Europa League / Martin Rose/GettyImages

West Ham 1-2 Eintracht Frankfurt (Knaf 1, Antonio 21, Kamada 54)

The only surviving England representative in the tournament, West Ham, started off poorly, with the visitors taking the lead in the first minute from Anskar Knaff’s head-to-head strike. They will try to attack hard and equalize in the 21st minute from a free-kick that Zuma knocked out for Antonio to miss. After that, the game opened and exchanged quite a lot of fun. Until the second half, the visitors took the lead again from Daiichi Kamada’s repetitive rhythm in the 54th minute. The rest of the time, the Hammers tried to get the goal back, but could only do it almost, making the game over to Frankfurt. Raid to win first in the first leg 1-2

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