UFO (s), Melvil Poupaud at the frontiers of reality

EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIBER LETTER – France in the seventies in search of little green men, the domestic happiness of Marvel superheroes. All the news of the series, the nuggets and the disappointments, by Constance Jamet.

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Here is a letter guaranteed 100% laughs and comedies with a good pinch of insolence and creativity. Series which show that we can always surprise and revolutionize the genre in which we are part and that, yes, risk taking pays off.

Honor to Canal + which opens the ball with one of its best original creations to date: RAM (s) or the adventures, in the France of VGE, of a scientist who is asked to investigate zany and incongruous aerospace phenomena, between surrealism and the supernatural. Disney + draws the charming one WandaVision which uses the unexpected setting of the sitcom to give two Marvel superheroes a dive into The Fourth Dimension. Salto for his part lifts the veil in preview on his irreverent biopic on Voltaire which will soon arrive on the antenna of France 2, The adventures of young Voltaire .

RAM (s) : a lunar and effective comedy

“It’s not a bit of a mystery. It’s too much of a mystery. We will not systematically accuse the aliens

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