Technology "UFO sighting" over Germany: that's the reason

“UFO sighting” over Germany: that’s the reason


Numerous people in Germany were amazed on Saturday evening: a chain of dozen small lights quickly moved through the night sky. But there is an explanation for the supposed UFOs.

There were numerous excited reports of alleged UFO sightings on social media on Saturday evening. However, what people saw quickly moving in the sky were satellites from Elon Musk: In the past few months, his space company “SpaceX” has already launched 360 satellites for the project of a space-based Internet.

On March 18, a rocket with mini satellites was launched for the sixth time, which is now traveling around the world like a pearl necklace. On Saturday evening, this string of lights had caught the eye of many people in the night sky. The satellites moved from west to southeast from the second launch and from southwest to east those from the fourth launch. Pages such as or can be used to research overflight times and routes. There will also be overflights over Germany in the next few days. In a video from a Twitterer on Saturday evening, the string of lights is weak.

Hansjürgen Köhler from the UFO registration office of the Central Research Network for Unusual Celestial Phenomena (CENAP) did not stop the phone on Saturday evening. “The callers reported seeing between 30 and 50 points of light.” 360 Starlink satellites have been put into orbit since November. This has also been widely reported. “But people don’t connect that when they see something unusual for them in the sky.”

The Starlink satellites are to provide both remote areas and conurbations with broadband internet. With a weight of 260 kilograms, the transmission units are significantly smaller and lighter than previous communication satellites. Due to their flat design, they can be stacked well, so that the “Falcon 9” rocket from SpaceX can transport several dozen of them per launch.

They should receive data from ground stations and pass them on to each other with the help of lasers. SpaceX has already coated the newer generations with a darker coating. Even after the first objects started in spring 2019, astronomers had complained that they were interfering with the observations of the starry sky.




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