UK Plans To Build First Nuclear Fusion Power Plant

LONDON – Britain has the ambition to be the first country to develop nuclear fusion reactor first in the world. To realize this plan, the UK Government has allocated £ 220 million to design a prototype commercial reactor, known as the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP).

Fusion is a nearly limitless potential source of clean energy but is currently only being carried out in trials. Fusion is a process that takes place inside the sun that creates energy by forcing atoms to stick together. This is the opposite of standard nuclear reactors which rely on fission, splitting atoms. (Read: Through the Nuclear Fusion Process, the Sun Made in China is Very Powerful)

Reported BBC News The UK government is looking for a location to build what it says will be the world’s first prototype commercial reactor. A coal-fired power plant in Nottinghamshire will be presented to the council for this plan.

The government has set aside £ 220 million to design reactor commercial prototype, known as the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP). In December, they asked local authorities to propose a potential location to build the nuclear fusion reactor.

Then Secretary of Business and Energy Alok Sharma said, all regions have the opportunity to be in the history books as the first location for the construction of STEP. This also helped Britain become the first country in the world to commercialize fusion. (Also read: Digging into the deepest core of the Earth, Ajustralian Scientist Reveals an Unexpected Mystery)

Rushcliffe district council members will discuss the placement of the Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal site. If selected, a prototype could be built there by 2040.

A report to the council, which recommended supporting the bid, said it would form the centerpiece of a program of activity supporting thousands of high-quality, high-tech jobs.

“STEP will support economic growth, provide an opportunity to attract £ 1.5 billion in investment, and train highly skilled engineers,” the report said. (Also read: Russian scientists have tried to create hybrid creatures mixed with humans and apes)

The council said other sites were also being considered in the East Midlands but did not disclose where. The Ratcliffe-on-Soar project is scheduled to be discussed by authorities on March 9.



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