UK unity cracks more and more

Effect of Brexit, the English are contested by the Scots, who dream of independence, and the Irish, who are thinking of reuniting.

Correspondent in London

The unity of the kingdom is in danger. If we believe the Sunday Times, the rise of Scottish independence, but also that of Irish separatism, threatens the union of nations. And this constitutional crisis created by Brexit could be the main challenge Boris Johnson will have to face in the years to come. The journal is based on a large study launched across four nations – Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. These polls show in particular that a majority of Scots, but also now Northern Irish, want a referendum allowing a break with London. In Wales itself, support for independence is rising to 23%, when it peaked at 10% five years ago. “The sense of British identity that once bound the country is disintegrating», Writes the daily.

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Constitutional collusion

The survey confirms those of

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