Ukraine claims that Russian troops have blew up an oil deposit south of Kiev

A general view of Kiev.

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A general view of Kiev.

An oil deposit in the city of Vasilkov, 40 kilometers south of Kiev, has been hit this Sunday by Russian rockets generating a large explosion, as reported by the Ukrainian agency UNIAN.


As a result of the alleged Russian attack, a fire has broken out in the oil depot, which could cause “enormous environmental damage”, according to the State Service for Special Communications of Ukraine.

Local authorities have recommended a series of guidelines to citizens to avoid possible health damage caused by the suspension of chemical substances in the air, such as avoiding going outside, closing windows or placing containers with water in homes to increase humidity in them, according to the newspaper ‘The Kiev Independent’,

The mayor of Vasilkov, Natalia Balasinovich, has said in a recorded message on Facebook that “unfortunately” a video that is circulating on networks with the alleged explosion of an oil deposit is real.

“You can see what is happening, you can see the fire. Unfortunately, this is the oil storage depot (…) The enemy wants to destroy everything around him, but he will not succeed,” the mayor of the city assured. , which has detailed that the city’s airfield has also been bombed.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are facing attacks by the Russian army “from all directions” in several locations, they said in a statement early on Sunday.

The Russian military onslaught is being answered with “resolute resistance”, according to the Ukrainian Army.

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