Ukraine Live Updates: Russia intensifies attack; UN urges Russian troops to leave Ukraine


The first rescue plane returned from Romena to Mumbai. More than 30 Malayalee students.


Students and parents from Thrissur district stranded in Ukraine can contact the control room at TN Pratap MP’s Delhi office for assistance. The control room is managed by the Public Relations Office of the Thrissur MP. The control room operates in coordination with the control rooms of the Union Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian Embassies in Ukraine and Poland. TN Pratap MP’s Ukraine Rescue Mission Control Room Number: +91 9745337996.


A center of Kerala House will be opened at the Delhi Airport. The government will bear the cost of food and tickets


Free RTPCR examination for students arriving in Mumbai via Romania


Accommodation, meals and travel facilities up to Kerala House have been arranged at Mumbai Kerala House for Malayalees arriving in Mumbai.


The state government will issue air tickets to Kerala for students arriving in Indian cities such as Delhi and Mumbai on evacuation flights arranged by the Central Government from Ukraine. Steps have been taken to make the details of Malayalees arriving in India available in advance. The Resident Commissioner and NORKA officials will take steps to facilitate the return journey of students arriving at the airport. The District Collectors have been directed to receive the students arriving at the airports in Kerala and to prepare the necessary facilities.

12:57 PM ACTUAL:

The decision follows talks between Selensky and French President Emmanuel Macron

12:44 PM ACTUAL:

The Ukrainian military command says the attack is being carried out using Russian naval missiles stationed in the Black Sea. Russia launches Caliber cruise missiles from the Black Sea against Gizum, Poltava and Mariupol.

12:43 PM ACTUAL:

According to international media reports, Russia has stepped up airstrikes as Ukrainian forces repel a Russian offensive.

12:43 PM ACTUAL:

US President Joe Biden has signed an agreement with Ukraine to provide $ 600 million in military aid.

12:29 PM ACTUAL:

Air strike warning again in Kharkiv. Warning of possible attacks on the airport and Gagarin Avenue.

12:27 PM ACTUAL:

Ukraine kills 3,500 Russian troops in 2 days of fighting The president’s office said 200 people had been taken prisoner of war

9:48 AM IST:

Eleven countries, including the United States, have supported the ‘Ukraine Resolution’ at the UN Security Council. India, China and the UAE abstained from voting. India has adopted a policy of accession and Ukraine has called on the United Nations to find a solution to the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

9:47 AM IST:

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said he will not back down from efforts to prevent Russia’s occupation of Ukraine and maintain peace. The UN stands for an end to war and peace. Today that goal could not be achieved. But the UN Secretary-General tweeted that hope would not give up and that work would continue for peace.

9:46 AM IST:

President Vladimir Selensky has promised to help Ukraine escape, but Selensky has reportedly refused. Selensky said he would remain in Ukraine until the final stages and would not leave the country.

9:44 AM IST:

Russia imposes personal sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin The decision was announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

7:46 AM IST:

Britain bans Russia’s private flights

7:06 AM IST:

Attack on a thermal power plant in Ukraine; 5 blasts were reported

6:31 AM IST:

Russia destroys two cargo ships in Odessa port The cargo ships of Panama and Malda were wrecked

6:29 AM IST:

Heavy fighting between the Ukrainian army and the Russian army in the Ukrainian capital Kiev

6:29 AM IST:

The first Indian team will leave Ukraine today as part of the Indian rescue mission. This includes 17 Malayalees. They will reach Delhi by noon. More planes took off for the mission

6:22 AM IST:

Ukraine says Russian plane has shot down in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev

6:21 AM IST:

Russia vetoes UN resolution against Russia in UN Security Council Security Council resolution abstains from voting in India The UAE did not vote either. Eleven countries voted in favor of the resolution, calling for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. The U.S. has said it will bring a resolution to the UN General Assembly.

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