Ukraine, NATO accession goal is unchanged Ambassador to the UK explains | Reuters

On February 14, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Pristaico, said it could withdraw its goal of joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to avoid a war with Russia. Photo taken in London on February 9th (2022 Reuters / Tom Nicholson)

[London / Kiev, 14th Reuters]–Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Pristaico, told the BBC on the 14th that it may abandon its accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to avoid a war with Russia, but soon. He explained that he would not reconsider the policy of joining.

Ambassador Pristaico told the BBC today that Ukraine is prepared to respond “flexibly” to the goal of joining NATO, and asked if it could change its position on joining NATO. Get it, especially in situations like this threatened and under pressure. “

In response to this statement, a spokesman for the President of Ukraine said that the policy of aiming to join NATO and the European Union (EU) is specified in the Constitution and is an absolute priority.

Ambassador Pristyco told the BBC that the previous report was a misunderstanding. “We are not currently NATO members. We are prepared to make many concessions to avoid war and are discussing them with the Russian side,” he said, but the NATO accession goal specified in the Constitution is another matter. I explained.

“It’s not a postponement of the hope of joining NATO. It means that we are not a member of NATO now, so we have to look for something like a bilateral agreement with the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition to NATO, this emergency situation I’m looking for another agreement to survive. “

When asked again if there was a change in the policy aiming to join NATO, he stated that there was no change in the policy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Ukraine’s accession to NATO could lead to war.

In 2008 Ukraine was allowed to join NATO in the future.

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