Ukraine: US asks China to abandon “ambiguity” and condemn Russia’s invasion

United States urged this Friday China abandon “ambiguity” and stop “hiding” so as not to condemn the invasion of Russia a Ukraineand asked for his help in mitigating the impact of the war on global markets.

“Every country should think about which side of history they want to be on,” said the spokeswoman for the White HouseJen Psaki, at her daily press conference.

Asked about the position of Chinathe spokeswoman stressed that “now is the time for world leaders to clearly denounce the flagrant aggression of the president (Russian, Vladimir) Putin and support the people of Ukraine“.

“This is not a time for ambiguity or hiding or waiting to see what happens. It is already clear what is happening,” Psaki stressed.

He added that it is also important that China “be part of the effort to mitigate and minimize the impact” of the war “on global markets and the world’s energy markets.”

China calls for diplomatic exit

Beijing has avoided condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine while he has called for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, a complicated fit of pieces after the Chinese president, Xi Jinpingdeepened its alliance with Putin just a few weeks ago.

China It also maintains that sanctions are not effective in resolving the conflict and opposes unilateral punishment, while taking advantage of the tensions to attack the foreign policy of United States.

After months of tension, Russia this week launched a military operation in ukraine que began with bombings in several urban centers and continued with the deployment of troops, so that this Friday the Russian military units are tightening the siege of the country’s capital, Kiev.

The fighting has already cost the lives of at least 137 Ukrainians and 316 have been injured, according to the Government of Ukraine; and, in addition, thousands of people have had to flee to the west of Ukraine or to the neighboring countries of Moldova, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

(With information from EFE)


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