“Ukraine war isn’t a battleground… Like Lee Geun? There are a lot of problems with the volunteers”

Ukraine is devastated by the Russian invasion. Playgrounds, etc. were bombed. (Provided by pine pine tree) © News1

“It’s summer vacation soon… I’m worried that people and young students who don’t know the reality of this place will say they want to become Ukrainian volunteers.”

Song Sol-namu, a musician and refugee aid activist, said this in an interview with News 1 on the 11th.

The day after the interview, Korean-American Song departed for the United States to perform at a concert to help Ukrainian refugees. She later said she plans to “deliver supplies to Ukraine and go back to rescue women and children.”

Throughout the interview, he said, “War in Ukraine is not a battleground game.” He appealed, “Please help young people not lose their precious lives or get hurt while applying for the volunteer army.”

A building in Ukraine that has been destroyed by the Russian invasion (Courtesy of Pine Tree) © News1

◇ “Supporting volunteers to become like Lee Geun, a very dangerous act”

Are there people who really want to apply for the volunteer army? I searched the internet and there were not many questions, “I want to apply for the volunteer army (like Captain Lee Geun), but what should I do?” His worries were not in vain.

“Many foreign NGOs, including myself, are already helping Ukraine by rescuing women, children, and even animals,” Song said. raised his voice.

According to Song, many of the South Korean volunteers in Ukraine only bought a one-way flight ticket and entered the country. This means that from the moment they left Korea, they entered the country without any measures.

“The volunteers say they will do something meaningful that will go down in history,” he said. “But when you go and apply for war, if you don’t speak fluent English or the local language, Ukraine thinks there is a problem with communication between team members during battle. I can refuse to enlist,” he said.

“Even if we are lucky enough to enlist, we will not provide guns or weapons to those who have no combat experience,” he said.

He also warned, “If you witness the horrors of war or participate in actual warfare, you will experience a trauma that is difficult to handle in the future.”

Among Koreans who went to Ukraine, it is known that there are so-called ‘media play’ by taking videos of war and increasing the number of views on YouTube channels. He did not go to the volunteer army, but it is said that there are people who admire Captain Lee Geun and admire the volunteer army.

According to Song, there are cases where people who have never seen a corpse because they have not been near the battlefield or have been rejected by the volunteers may tell a saga based on what they have heard from the volunteer community.

He recently rescued the volunteers from Korea with difficulty when they contacted them asking for help saying they wanted to leave Ukraine. Song said, “I bought them a hot dog after crossing the border with Hungary, which is a safe area, and they said, ‘It was the first time I came here and ate meat and only ate porridge.'” he sighed.

“People think that if they apply for the volunteer army, they will be welcomed in Ukraine,” he said. Because there are many Korean-speaking Korean-speaking Koreans and Koreans of Russian nationality, they consider them to be the same people.

Song said that the reason he was able to travel freely in Ukraine was “because his nationality is ‘US’ and he was officially dispatched by an international NGO to Ukraine.”

Since the war broke out due to the Russian invasion in February, South Korean nationals are not allowed to enter Ukraine. If you enter a travel ban country, in the worst case, your passport could be expunged in addition to a fine.

He said, “I am registered with an international NGO and can speak four languages ​​other than English, so I can explain the situation to foreigners I encountered during the war. It can be difficult to get out of the situation.”

Questions related to the participation of Ukrainian volunteers in the war (saved from Internet bulletin board) © News 1

◇ “The volunteers shouldn’t come…the rest should also go back”

With the income earned through the performance and some donations, Mr. Songpine seeks shelter for the crew, purchases ambulance vehicles and relief supplies, and delivers them to refugees on the front lines such as Donbass. In an emergency, she even provides cash for which receipts cannot be issued.

He said, “In the Ukraine war, our group rescued more than 3,000 people, and we have sent more than 3,000 tons of relief goods so far after the war.”

It is said that Song, who rescued Koreans, including volunteers, paid a huge price. It cost tens of thousands of dollars to rescue them. Among them, there were people who brought a cat to Korea, so they said that they were over the edge of death.

He shows symptoms of allergic asthma when cats are around. He also felt guilty for not being able to rescue the refugees from the Don Baths, who were in an even more desperate situation to rescue them.

Song said, “The symptoms of allergic asthma are so severe that cats are more frightening than cannonballs. They can suffocate and die right away.” But seeing young people from Korea, I can’t turn away from the position of raising children and puppies. I was rescued,” he said.

He cited illegal acts as a reason for not enlisting in the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. He is subject to punishment upon entry because South Korea has designated Ukraine as a travel ban.

Song said, “I fully understand the willingness of the volunteers to help Ukraine. However, they cannot enter the country without permission.” He said, “I did not come with a call from the state, and I did not come through an NGO like me, so I am subject to punishment for violating the passport law.” said

In particular, he emphasized that if someone was injured with a gun rather than a simple visit, it could become a diplomatic problem. As Russia is currently recruiting volunteers, Song argues that there is a possibility that Koreans may raise guns.

He said, “If Koreans join the volunteers and pick up a gun or kill with a gun, it is a really big crime.” He said. there,” he warned.

The Korean volunteers who were rescued a few days ago are said to have changed a bit, such as receiving vocational education or studying TOEFL after entering Korea.

He said, “I gave pocket money to the children who came in and went out to study because they said they were studying. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like it was a ruined rescue operation.”

He added, “However, additional rescue will be difficult in the future, so I do not want them to enter Ukraine.”

Lastly, Song also sent a message of warning to reporters covering the situation of the war in Ukraine.

“If you have a special permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to go to Ukraine or the border region of Poland to report on, please do not take pictures of train stations and public institutions where materials are loaded. If the space where materials are stored is exposed, you may be attacked and it will be difficult to continue relief efforts. Because it is possible. Please.”

Song pine tree performing a concert to help Ukrainian refugees in the United States (provided by myself) © News1

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