Ukraine war: would Germany intervene militarily?

EIt may sound surprising that Poland’s President Andrzej Duda during his visit to Kyiv to emphasize that Ukraine has the right to self-determination. In fact, the voices in Germany are becoming more and more audible, urging Kyiv to approach Putin to end this senseless war. With each week and month as people die in the gunfire, these voices will increase in volume. Because the Ukraine cannot win the war against the all-powerful Russia, it is said again and again.

But anyone who urges a quick end to the fighting must consider the experience of the Ukrainians, which says that an agreement with Putin will not bring peace. It would only restore the state that existed before the final Russian invasion began. A state in which Russia occupied Ukrainian territory and kept igniting incessantly so as not to allow the already bloody conflict to cool down. And the Ukrainian experience will also teach us something else: Even if states like Germany were to declare themselves guarantor powers in a “peace agreement”, it would still have to be shown that they would keep this promise in an emergency. Because that would mean opposing Putin’s Russia militarily.

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