Ukrainian President: “In the West they create the impression that tomorrow there will be a war in our country, but this is not the case and we do not need such panic”


28 one 2022 15:45 GMT

Vladimir Zelensky lamented that the increase in panic around a supposed Russian invasion is causing economic losses in his country.

The president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenski, affirmed this Friday that in the West the impression is being created that “tomorrow” a war will break out in the country and ruled out that this will happen, lamenting that the panic generated is harming the national economy. .

“Are there tanks in the streets? No, but that is the impression that is created in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Lithuania,” the president said at a press conference.

The impression in the media is like this: that we have a war, that there are soldiers in the streets, that there is a mobilization, but it is not like that, we do not need this panic“, he highlighted.

According to the president, there is currently no major escalation than there was before. “I’m not saying there isn’t an escalation. There was. It has already started,” he added.

In that context, Zelensky emphasized the economic damage caused by this hysteria. “I have started talking to the leaders of states and explaining to them that today we need to stabilize our state’s economy because of these signs that there will be a war tomorrow. Because the signs are coming from respected leaders of states who openly say, not even through diplomatic language: ‘There will be a war tomorrow’. That is panic. Panic in the markets, panic in the financial sector,” he lamented.

The president explained that, after the beginning of this wave of panic, 12.5 billion (he did not specify the currency) were removed from Ukraine and its reserves, so the increase in tension in the media “has a high cost” for his country.

At the same time, Zelensky commented on the evacuation of diplomats from Ukraine carried out by several countries and called this step a “mistake”. “I think it is a mistake. I speak openly about this. I have no right to say that it is a mistake of the governments of respected countries. I think it is a mistake for us, for Ukraine,” he stressed.

The speculations about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine have intensified in the West after several media outlets published alleged plans for the operation in November. For its part, Russia repeatedly crossed out false and unfounded accusations attributing to him the preparation of an alleged provocation in Ukraine.

Over the last week, the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly stated that they do not see any threat of attack from Russia. This Monday, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov declared that information from the Intelligence Service of Ukraine and its partners indicates that Russia did not deploy any assault group showing his intention to carry out an offensive the next day.

Meanwhile, Washington insists that the threat of a Russian invasion remains. Thus, the White House spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, declared this Tuesday that Washington observed “aggressive actions and preparations” for an attack on the border between the two countries. In turn, the US Undersecretary of State, Wendy Sherman, declared this Wednesday that Washington sees “all indications” that Russia plans to use its Armed Forces against Ukraine by mid-February.

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