Ulcerated, Stéphane Tapie pushes a huge rant in TPMP (VIDEO)

In Touche pas à mon poste this Monday, March 1, Cyril Hanouna and his team returned to the controversy surrounding the broadcast of the TV movie on the life of Michel Fourniret. Stéphane Tapie, very angry, gave a big rant.

On March 15, TF1 will broadcast the TV movie event The persuit. Adapted from the book The tit and the ogress by Harold Cobert, the fiction traces the work of two investigators camped by François-Xavier Demaison and Mélanie Bernier to unmask the Fourniret couple in the early 2000s. It all started in 2003 when Michel Fourniret was arrested for attempted kidnapping of a minor. If for these facts, he risks only a few months in prison, the police are convinced that this man is a real serial killer. But this TV movie directly inspired by the Michel Fourniret affair is not at all to his son’s taste, Selim ! In November 2020, in a letter, he had put TF1 “notice” to cease production of The persuit.

Michel Fourniret’s son had appealed to TF1 not to broadcast the TV movie

In it, the serial killer’s son accused the channel of wanting “knowingly blurring the line between fiction and reality” basing the TV movie on the novel “100% fictional” de Harold Colbert The Chickadee and the Ogresse. However, the project continued, to the chagrin of the person concerned. On February 26, Selim Fournirait was a guest of TPMP and had again protested against TF1 : “They have to put themselves in the shoes of families, they have to imagine themselves! They should understand what it can do. When I saw that, I was pissed off.“. This Monday, March 1, Cyril Hanouna and his team returned to the case and in particular the speech this Monday by Yves Rénier who responded violently to Michel Fourniret’s son. Stéphane Tapie gave a huge rant, even as he discovered the existence of this film for TF1.

Stéphane Tapie ulcerated by the TV movie on Michel Fourniret

I think they fell super low, it’s not the TF1 that I knew at the time, and a Mougeotte (Etienne, former boss of TF1, editor’s note) would never have bought such shit, that’s for me throws up, if only in the name of one of the families who can identify with the hunt for this species of monster“, has begun Stephane Tapie, new recruit of Do not touch My TV. “You’re not doing a thing on Fourniret whereas even today there are bodies that are wanted, there are children who are still in holes, that the bodies have not been found “, atl then denounced, very upset. “I’m not going to watch and I’m going to encourage everyone to boycott this kind of shit, that TF1 has fallen as low as that, it makes me shit“he hammered.

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