Umphang businessman drives home, a large tree falls on it Kill the whole family of 3 lives.

Umphang businessman drives home, a large tree falls on it Killed the whole family, 3 lives, revealed during the heavy rain until the soil slides down the tree

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At 1:00 AM on June 11, 64 rescuers in Umphang District, Tak Province received an emergency notification of large trees and mountain soil slides covering the Mae Sot-Umphang road route. At the 118th kilometer main range, Mogro Subdistrict, Umphang District, Tak Province, after receiving the incident report to the Umphang District Rescuers with the administration of Umphang District Police and Tak 2 Highway District jointly inspected

The scene of the accident was a mountain path on both sides of the road filled with deep chasms. At the curve of steep trees, officers find a pile of mountain soil slides down the path with a large tree falling in the middle. A silver bronze Toyota car, registration number Chiang Mai. The car was demolished. There was the remains of a large tree and fell on it in the middle.

Initial inspection in the car found the deceased was a member of the same family. Mr. Rachen (last name reserved) 36 years old, a businessman in Umphang District The driver died in the driver’s seat next to the body found.Mrs. Malee (last name reserved) 56 years old and Miss A (Pseudonym) 6 years old, with all three being crushed by the trunk of a large tree in the middle of the car wreck.

Many officers had to use all kinds of tools to cut the branches, but it was difficult because the area was not safe. and may cause other trees to fall over and overlap until many hours have passed until almost dawn, so the officers were able to cut down the branches. Removed tree debris from the car wreck and successfully cleaned the mountain dirt off the path. Umphang district rescuers will take the bodies of the three deceased to Umphang district hospital, ready to open traffic later.

Preliminary investigation knew that before the incident Mr Rajen Driving the accident car heading to Umphang District to travel to bring family back home In the midst of rainy, windy weather on steep mountain roads And the unexpected happened when the car drove to the scene of the accident. A large tree was unable to hold the rain and fell on top of Mr Rajen’s car which drives through without being able to break the car to escape As a result, Mr. Rachen and his family died immediately.

which the road Mae Sot – Umphang The length of more than 164 kilometers, there are 1219 dangerous curves, and during the rainy season every year, there are often mountain soils and large trees falling over the road and this accident is the worst. year round due to the deaths of up to three people

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