UN calls for Human Rights to be guaranteed in the demonstrations in Panama

(EFE) – The UN called this Saturday to the Panamanian authorities to “Fully guarantee the international human rights standards applicable to demonstrations” and made available “its technical assistance for the full implementation” thereof.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Oacnudh) for Central America ruled this way before the arrest of 27 protesters and the violent aggression against one of them by anti-riot agents in the framework of a student protest last Wednesday in the Panamanian capital.

A video widely broadcast on local television and social media shows the student Ileana Korea subdued by an anti-riot while an agent of this unit, wearing a full-face helmet, bulletproof vest and protective shoulder pads, throws repeated blows to the face of the protester.

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The student is prosecuted for assault due to was denounced by the anti-riot agent, who received a three-day medical rest for a blow “to the neck” that the protester inflicted on him and which caused him to react by giving them multiple blows to the face, as explained by the director of the National Police (PN), Jorge Miranda.

The representative of the OHCHR Regional Office, Alberto Brunori, has contacted the Ombudsman, Eduardo Le Blanc “And they agreed to join forces in order to call on the authorities to adopt all the necessary measures to investigate and process the complaints received and prevent future abuses ”.

“Likewise, both instances agreed to call for all the demonstrations can take place peacefully and with full guarantees, thus contributing to the democratic debate, ”added the statement from the United Nations entity.

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The Ombudsman’s Office reported Thursday that it had launched an investigation into Wednesday’s events against the protesters and members of the press covering the protests and stressed that they are “Repeated complaints of police abuse” that the institution serves.


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