UN says North Korea restarts nuclear reactor operation Difficult problems from the Trump era to ‘Biden’

UN atomic agency says North Korea restarts nuclear reactor operation After halting the movement since December 2018, Donald Trump remains President of the United States. And there are talks with Kim Jong Un to end the development of nuclear weapons in the North Korean peninsula.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an agency under the United Nations (UN), has revealed progress in North Korea’s nuclear weapons development. which indicates that nowNorth Korea reopens its 5 MW nuclear reactor at Yon Byun After no movement since December 2018, indicators that give the IAEA confidence that the reactors will be restarted. is to release coolant into the machine since July 2021 onwards

A 5-megawatt nuclear reactor at the Yonbian nuclear center. It is at the heart of North Korea’s nuclear weapons development program. The IAEA said the halt to nuclear weapons development comes months after former US President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un met. of North Korea in May of 2018 in Singapore The North Korean leader has pledged to continue dismantling all nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula.

The Yonbian Nuclear Development Center has continued to be monitored by IAEA experts remotely based primarily on satellite observations. after being expelled by the North Korean government in 2009

The IAEA is currently trying to assess how much potential North Korea actually has in developing nuclear weapons. The Radioactive Chemistry Laboratory located within the Yonbian Nuclear Development Center has resumed operations more than five months earlier on the conversion of all used nuclear fuel, which the IAEA could confirm last month. last Jun.

Laura Bigger, analyst at BBC It pointed out that Kim Jong Un was trying to use the Yon Bien nuclear center to negotiate with Donald Trump in exchange for lifting the economic sanctions. Bigger believes that there is no consensus on the aforementioned negotiations. and Trump’s rejection of the offer This led to the failure of talks between Trump and Kim in Hanoi in 2019. In January 2021, Kim reiterated that he would continue to develop nuclear weapons.

It is a heavy burden in the hands of US President Joe Biden. to continue to deal with this tension The public is yet to see any response from the current US government.


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