UN Security Council divides over evacuations of threatened Afghans

There are very ridiculous small diplomatic steps, in the light of the fiasco caused by the precipitous withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan. Shortly before the last American soldier left Kabul, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution on Monday, August 30 in New York, asking the Taliban to honor their commitments, “With regard to the safe departure from Afghanistan of Afghans and foreign nationals”. China and Russia abstained, however, further limiting the scope of the Western-backed initiative.

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Supported by France, the United Kingdom and the United States, the text does not mention the establishment of a “Safe zone” around Kabul airport, so far the only point of exit from the country, despite calls to this effect from Emmanuel Macron. “It is quite achievable”, had judged, Sunday, August 29, the French president during his trip to Iraq. The Taliban did not hide their rejection of such a device, they who have sought to dissuade the Afghans from leaving the country since they came to power on August 15.

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The text instead claims “Securing the airport and the surrounding area”, now fully controlled by the new regime. He denounces the bomb attack that occurred last Thursday and claimed by the local branch of the Islamic State organization. The resolution also requires access “Safe and unfettered” to the populations for the humanitarian workers still present there, in particular the UN agencies. And insists on respect for human rights, those of women in particular, and the fight against terrorism.

Beijing and Moscow abstain

Not enough to encourage Russian and Chinese diplomacy to give their approval. To justify their abstention, the representatives of the two countries were, on the contrary, very critical of a resolution considered as a diversionary maneuver, in the midst of the Western debacle. In Beijing as in Moscow, the humiliation inflicted on the United States may well be a reason for satisfaction, the chaos and the security risks it generates are considered worrying, even if the two capitals very quickly established contacts with the Taliban. .

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For China’s deputy ambassador, the United States and its allies have left behind the“Huge catastrophe they created, while placing the blame and responsibility on the neighboring countries of Afghanistan and the Security Council”. Beijing has blamed the American strike on Sunday, which caused the death of several members of the same family. As for the Russian ambassador, he judged that the project was not precise enough about terrorist threats and did not address the economic and humanitarian impact of the freezing of Afghan assets deposited in the United States.

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