UN warns of effects on health and well-being of minors due to the pandemic

Unicef ​​warned that the health and well-being of children have suffered more strongly from the socio-economic effects of the pandemica in Latin America, a region that accounts for 18% of the population, but 25 to 30% of those affected and 32% of global mortality.

“The pandemic really has affected Latin America more than other regions of the world“, affirmed the regional director of Unicef ​​for Latin America and the Caribbean, Jean Gough, that this Sunday concludes an official visit of a week to Ecuador.

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The head of the United Nations Children’s Fund has met with local authorities and made field visits to populations in the Andean Sierra and the border with Colombia, to learn first-hand the reality of childhood in matters such as chronic child malnutrition or the situation of adolescence.

“The restrictions that governments have adopted to reduce the pandemic have had enormous socioeconomic impacts on the population “He said about the indicators that indicate that Latin American families have seen their income diminish due to the pandemic.

UNICEF released a survey on Wednesday showing that 8 out of 10 households with children in Ecuador reduced their income and experienced greater difficulty in accessing nutritious food.

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Official statistics before the pandemic (2019) indicated that 1 in 4 people in the Andean nation (25%) was in a situation of poverty, a parameter that last December reached 32%.

In the region, moreover, GDP was reduced by 7% due to covid-19, “Economic decline that is going to have a very large social impact in the region,” predicted Gough.


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