Unable to breathe.. A well-known actress is experiencing a health crisis!

2023-05-21 08:30:39

Egyptian actress Menna Fadali revealed that she had a health crisis during the hours of last night.

Fadali confirmed, through her personal account on Facebook, that she had lost the ability to breathe, explaining that the symptoms are similar to the common cold and complications from infection with the Corona virus.

And she said: “Congestion and I am not able to take myself early, a very dry cough, and I took a lot of medications, and there is no benefit, and the temperature is now. Are these symptoms of Corona or a normal cold?”

Menna Fadali raised the concern of her fans about her health, so she immediately received advice from one of her followers that she should undergo a blood oxygen test as soon as possible, and another advised the need to stay away from any elderly person for fear of transmission to him, and said that the current time witnessed the emergence of new mutants of the common cold. Cold, and asked her to stop taking antibiotics immediately and only drink warm fluids. (my lady)

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