UNAIDS – Corona is a setback for the fight against HIV

Geneva The corona pandemic could lead to almost 300,000 additional HIV infections by the end of 2022 due to exit restrictions and interruptions in health care.

This is what the United Nations Program for HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS) reported on Thursday in its report on World AIDS Day on December 1st. As a result, there could be almost 150,000 additional deaths over the same period.

Additional investment in health systems required

But if the world invests significantly more in health systems in connection with the pandemic and sets itself ambitious goals, it could be possible that AIDS is no longer a threat to public health in 2030, the report says.

Last year, 1.7 million people were infected with the HI virus. BUT: an estimated twelve million infected people would not have had access to medication.

UNAIDS calls on countries where HIV-positive people are still stigmatized and discriminated against to change their policies.

For a successful fight against the virus, all people must be respected, especially those who are particularly at risk: girls and young women, adolescents, sex workers, transgender people, gays and people who use intravenous drugs.

German infection numbers have also increased

As the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced on Thursday, the number of estimated HIV infections in Germany has also increased slightly. It is 2,600 for 2019. Homosexual and bisexual men make up 60 percent of this.

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