Unanswered, the reason Gading Marten was not angry even though he was cheated by his partner


Personal life Gading Marten never separated from the spotlight of the netizen, Bunda. Especially about his love.

It is known that Gisella Anastasia’s ex-husband was not once cheated. He was also betrayed when he was someone’s lover.

This is known through the confession of Ivory’s ex-lover, Astrid Tiar, who had previously ‘played with fire’ with another man.

What’s interesting is, it turns out that even though the father of one child cheated on him, he was not angry. On the contrary, he took it calmly.

It turned out that Ivory’s calm attitude was justified by his father, Roy Marten. Roy reveals that his son is a person who never gets angry.

“But it’s true Om, if Gading is never angry? “Asked Raffi Ahmad at the Okay Bos event, quoted from Trans7 Official, Saturday (23/1/2021).

“Never. I am a person who explodes, even though it is still emotional, if he (Gading) does not,” said Roy Marten.

Gading Marten and Gempita / Photo: Doc. Instagram @gadiiing.

“Maybe cave never stubborn, so I feel My butt never angry, “said Gading Marten.

Because he never got angry or made a big mistake, Roy had no reason to scold Ivory, Bunda.

“I never have angry him, and he’s never angry with people, “said Roy.

Roy Marten’s assessment turned out to be the same as Astrid Tiar’s statement when she was a guest star at Okay Bos. At that time, Gading Marten once caught Astrid eating with another man, the full story is on the MORE PAGE …

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