Uncharted 5 on PS5? The subject again raised by Naughty Dog

During an interview, two game directors from The Last of Us 2 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy did not rule out the development of a new game within the studio. “Never say never”.

Wheras’Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy shine brightly on PS5, a question came back to the table: is it really the end of the license for Naughty Dog? Not for Shaun Escayg (Uncharted: The Lost Legacy) and Kurt Margenau (The Last of Us Part II).

Both interviewed by GamesRadar+, Escayg said:

I think we can say thatnever say never. Uncharted is a license we love – that the studio loves. I love him, and Kurt loves him. It’s a world we want to see more. That’s what I can say with certainty.

But they’re not the first not to close the door UC5. Before the two accomplices, it is Evan Wells, president of the Dogs, who said there could clearly be a new Uncharted game with Naughty Dog at the controls. We already know that developers have multiple ongoing projects therefore, who knows, an embryo of a new component may be in the works. At least an idea what!

If you miss Nathan Drake, you will find a young version of the character in the film Uncharted who delivered its final trailer.

If we put aside a new franchise – which must probably be in discussions -, and The Last of Us 3, would you be ready to dive back into this series?

Source : www.gamesradar.com

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