Uncharted movie has trailer and early 2022 release date

After several important postponements due to the pandemic, the film adapted from the Uncharted series is finally revealed in a first trailer. The wait will not be very long, since Sony confirms that the feature film will be broadcast from February 16, 2022 in dark rooms.

Already largely inspired pulp adventure works to start with Indiana Jones, le film Uncharted seems to want to make a nice loop by narrating the youth of Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and his meeting with Sully (Mark Wahlberg).

Even if the film looks like une origin story with an antagonist camped by Antonio Banderas (just that) and supported by Aunty Gabrielle, fans will notice a lot loans from video games, even if it means allowing oneself a little rewrite of their synopsis. It is especially difficult not to notice a tribute to the cult scene from the plane of Uncharted 3, all filmed against a quality green background. Come on, we’re making fun of it.


Le film Uncharted is therefore the first adaptation a long sequel in preparation at PlayStation Productions.

Series The Last of Us, led in tandem by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and the creator Neil Druckmann, is currently filming at HBO, and the Twisted Metal series has already cast his main character, embodied for the new Captain America: Anthony Mackie.

In terms of feature films, it is Ghost Of Tsushima who will be the next adapted license for the big screen, with the director of the 4 films John Wick at the controls, just that: Chad Stahelski. Of all these works, PlayStation has yet to share any streaming windows.

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