Uncontrollable, Isaiah Stewart rekindles sad memories in Detroit | NBA

Unsurprisingly, Isaiah Stewart and LeBron James avoided the press after the Lakers’ victory on the Detroit floor. Both expelled, they animated the evening after their crash. It all starts with a rebound struggle. LeBron James tries to break free and blows up the arcade from inside Detroit. The rest is a small period of calm, followed by an enraged Isaiah Stewart who wants to do battle.

“It was a complicated action for Isaiah” defends him Dwane Casey. “He ended up with the arch split through and through, and he had reason to be upset. I don’t think James is a bad player, but again, it all started with that. “

For Frank Vogel, LeBron James reacted to a nudge in the ribs. ” LeBron took a hit in the ribs, and it was a foul, and he tried to get rid of the arm. It is accidental contact, obviously sufficient for it to be a disqualifying foul. »

“I had never seen a player try to do that”

Face and mouth bleeding, Isaiah Stewart isn’t the first to take an unfortunate nudge in the face, and that’s what Anthony Davis doesn’t understand.

“I don’t know what he tried, but no one in our team, from the 1st to the 15th player, was going to let him. We were going to protect our brother. Since I’ve been playing, and it’s been ten years, I’ve never seen a player try to do that. It is unwarranted. There is a cut above the eye, accidental, it was not intentional. And we weren’t going to allow him to go after our brother like that. I don’t know what he was trying to do, but we weren’t going to let him ”.

The Lakers have even received the support of Cory Joseph, ready to prevent his teammate from committing the irreparable. ” Cory had anticipated he could come back through the other side, and go after the Lakers bench »Notes one of the referees. ” He was going to intercept it, and I told Cory it was okay. »

“Nobody wanted to be 17 years back”

Seventeen years, almost to the day, after the infamous fight between the Pistons and the Pacers, we avoided the worst, and Anthony Davis congratulates everyone. “We were back in Detroit, and there are images that keep coming back … But the safety of the NBA, the safety of the Pistons, the staffs, and even a few players did a good job so that there was no an escalation of the situation. No one wanted to be 17 years back. “

Now it’s time for the disciplinary committee. Rather indulgent this season, will she suspend LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart?

“I don’t believe he should be sanctioned with anything by the NBA” estime Dwane Casey. “He just didn’t leave the field on time, and the NBA will just have to judge that. I think that’s why he was kicked out. “

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