world Uncontrolled suitcases were not "diplomatic bag"

Uncontrolled suitcases were not “diplomatic bag”


Diplomatic sources say that the watchman’s story proves that the Vienna Convention was violated on the night of January 19

The analysis of the events that took place in the Executive Terminal of Barajas on the night of January 19 and its comparison with the procedures that are usually carried out by the diplomatic allegations that arrive in our country shows the accumulation of rainfall, opacities and irregularities incurred by the Government in the so-called «Delcygate». Although the story that follows from the affidavit before a notary of the vigilante of Ilunion JSMM is quite eloquent in itself, diplomatic sources have confirmed to this newspaper that “the two carts of suitcases” that without any customs control entered national territory diplomatic bags, the usual method of exchanging documents between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and their various delegations throughout the world, cannot be considered from any point of view.

Although its specific physical form may vary slightly from one country to another, a diplomatic bag is a canvas bag reinforced with leather at the bottom that has a padlock and a seal that can only be broken at the point of destination. In the bag it is indicated in clearly legible letters that it is an inviolable diplomatic bag and is usually added, as in those currently used by Spanish diplomacy, the national flag of the country in question. It is customary for the commander of an international flight of the flag carrier airline of the country concerned and that they be picked up at the destination airport by a diplomat from the ministry. Until recently it was mandatory that a diplomat was in charge of picking it up but currently the regulation allows it to be an employee of the embassy or the Ministry. Other countries, such as the Secretary of State of the United States, have their own body of mails that are the ones that guard the bags throughout the entire flight without departing from them for a moment.

The diplomatic bag is a method of communication used for exchanging offices and other documents mainly and although those responsible for customs controls are prohibited from opening them by breaking the seal, this does not exempt them from being subjected to examination by scanner or by trained dogs to verify that They do not contain objects that are considered illegal in the country of destination. This point is important because even in the supposed case that Venezuela on the night of Delcygate in Barajas had tried to pass suitcases as diplomatic bags that would not justify having entered national territory without going through the mandatory customs controls.

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The diplomatic sources consulted agree that in the event that an ambassador or a high-ranking leader of a country appears in Barajas saying that certain “suitcases” should be considered diplomatic bags even if they do not carry stamps or the usual badges the person in charge of the controls at the airport would immediately notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to report the situation, which would highlight a diplomat to investigate the situation. In other words, it would be Foreign and not Internal – department responsible for border surveillance – responsible for managing the matter.

Although, as in any bureaucratic process, the transfer of diplomatic bags is subject to “accommodations” (especially among countries in which there is trust) this type of communication is scrupulously regulated by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the international treaty that regulates diplomatic relations between countries and the immunity of diplomatic personnel. This agreement, which has been in force since 1964 and has been ratified by practically all the nations of the planet (with the exception of the terms of Palau, Solomon Islands or South Sudan) is part of international law and is taken very seriously.

Watchman JSM M shortly after stating that “as of 1:30 a.m., passengers on the flight from Venezuela are housed in the VIP areas of the Executive Terminal” specifies that “Sky Wallet staff moves two cars with luggage outside of the public area to put them in the vehicles without passing any customs control ». The testimony not only corroborates that an irregularity was committed but also something more serious: it was the presence of Minister Ábalos that caused the habitual procedures violated not only by custom but also by international law.



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