Undefeated streak over Lebanon… World Cup finals

The soccer team won the World Cup final qualifier away to Lebanon with Jo Kyu-seong’s winning goal. The national team continued their undefeated streak and was close to advancing to the finals for the 10th time in a row.

Correspondent Kim Hyung-yeol.


Coach Bento attacked Lebanon with Hwang Ui-jo and Jo Kyu-seong as two tops.

After missing a few chances early in the first half, a Lebanese shot hit the crossbar and swept the chest, but the two-top card shined in the first half.

As Hwang Ui-jo broke through the left flank and raised a cross, Jo Kyu-seong quickly penetrated between the two defenders and shook the net with a right-footed shot.

Hwang Ui-jo’s cross was fast and accurate, and Jo Kyu-seong’s finish was flawless.

The national team increased their offense in the second half, but failed to score an additional goal.

In the 27th minute, Lee Jae-sung’s diving header slightly missed the post, and in the 34th minute, Kwon Chang-hoon’s left-footed shot hit the side net.

Hwang Ui-jo also continued shooting whenever he had a chance, but he swallowed a disappointment towards the goalkeeper.

The national team won 1-0 while coach Bento, who was determined to win, even directed a rare scene in which all 11 starting players played full-time.

Bentuho, who finished second in Group A after Iran by continuing their undefeated streak in the final qualifying round, will advance to the finals for the 10th time in a row by adding 2 points from the remaining three matches.

[정우영/축구 대표팀 미드필더 : 최대한 남은 경기도 최선을 다해서 좋은 경기로 마무리하고 싶습니다.]

Iran defeated Iraq to secure their place in the finals for the third time in a row, while the third-placed United Arab Emirates beat Syria.

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