Under a bracelet and without a driver’s license, a driver already known to justice hits a cyclist

It is a particularly well-known defendant of the prosecution and justice who was to appear this morning before the 11th chamber of the Charleroi criminal court. But at 10:25 a.m., no trace of Bruno in the courtroom. The prosecution therefore requested default against him.

Already known for stories related to narcotics, Bruno is once again brought to trial because of this type of product. In 2021, Bruno assaulted a cyclist he knew well and whom he suspected of having swayed him in a narcotics file. “The defendant was in the car when he hit the cyclist with a violent punch”, says the prosecution.

As if that weren’t enough, Bruno was on an electronic bracelet at the time of the incident and was driving around without a driver’s license. A sentence of 18 months in prison was requested against him.

Judgment on February 14.

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