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Introduced this Monday, June 1 and limited to 200,000 vehicles purchased new or used, the new conversion premium offers the opportunity for many French people to scrap their old petrol or diesel vehicle in favor of a more virtuous model . In six questions, we will explain the main lines of the system.

Which vehicles are affected?

The conversion premium is subject to the disposal of an old petrol or diesel vehicle. It may be a passenger car or a utility vehicle with a maximum permissible laden weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

With the auto stimulus package, the government has relaxed its eligibility criteria. Thus, vehicles classified as Crit’Air 3 are now affected. Diesel vehicles registered before 2011 and petrol vehicles registered before 2006 are thus eligible.

Technology Date from 1time registration
Essence Before 1er january 2006
Diesel Before 1er january 2011

Important: the vehicle must belong to the beneficiary of the conversion premium for at least one year

Which vehicles to buy to receive the bonus?

The conversion bonus is not granted for the purchase of any vehicle. Are thus concerned:

  • Electric cars and utilities
  • Plug-in hybrid cars with emissions below 50 g / km
  • Petrol cars classified as Crit’Air 1 whose CO2 emissions are less than 137 g / km WLTP (109 g / km NEDC)
  • Diesel cars classified as Crit’Air 2 whose CO2 emissions are less than 137 g / km WLTP (109 g / km NEDC). The date of first entry into circulation must be later than September 1, 2019

Important thing: the device is aimed at both the purchase of a new vehicle and used. Vehicles purchased for hire are also eligible.

What is the amount of the conversion premium?

The amount of the premium will depend on several factors and in the first place the CO2 emissions. The lower they are, the more aid will be important. The reference tax income (RFR) per unit is also taken into account. Previously limited to € 13,500, it was increased to € 18,000 with the new device.

Physical person


RFR <18,000 €

RFR> 18,000 €

New or used car less than 20 g CO2 / km

5,000 €

5,000 €

5,000 €

New or used passenger car or light commercial vehicle between 20 and 50 g CO2 / km

€ 3,000

€ 1,500

€ 1,500

New or used passenger car CO2 less than or equal to 137 g / km in WLTP (109 g NEDC)

€ 3,000

€ 0

€ 0

The conversion bonus can also be used to purchase an electric two-wheeler or an electric quadricycle. In this case, the amount of aid is set at € 1,100. It also applies to vehicles converted to electric.

Warning : for electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles, the premium is reserved for models whose price including tax is less than € 60,000. For thermal vehicles, the price cannot exceed € 50,000.

Can the conversion bonus be combined with the bonus?

Yes, the conversion bonus can be combined with the ecological bonus.

Example: for a new electric car, the conversion bonus of € 5,000 can be combined with the bonus of € 7,000, i.e. total aid of € 12,000.

How to receive the conversion premium?

As with the bonus, it is the Service and Payment Agency (ASP) which manages the payment of the conversion premium on behalf of the State.

To receive help, there are two scenarios:

  • The seller or lessor agrees to advance the amount of the conversion premium, it is then deducted from the purchase price all taxes included. The seller will then carry out the steps himself to be reimbursed,
  • The advance of the amount of aid is not granted by the seller or the lessor of your vehicle. In this case, you will have to make the request for help through the teleservice dedicated to the device.

To validate the request, several supporting documents must be provided, including in particular:

  • A copy of the registration certificate of the old vehicle withdrawn from circulation.
  • A copy of the certificate of destruction of the old vehicle
  • The tax advice on the income of his household for the year preceding the acquisition or rental of the vehicle

How long will the device last?

As Emmanuel Macron explained during his address on May 26, the new conversion bonus formula will be limited to 200,000 vehicles. Given the interest generated by the scheme, the quota will probably be exhausted by the end of June.

After this period, the conversion premium will revert to its former operation, more restricted on eligible vehicles and the reference tax income.


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