Understanding the Urgent Situation of Caregivers in France: 30% Die Before the Person They Care For

2023-06-19 12:44:26

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30% of carers in France die before the person being cared for

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Today, there are between 8 and 11 million caregivers (non-professional) in France, helping an elderly person, with a disability or suffering from a chronic illness. Among them, 61% are workers, representing 15% of the working population. It is expected that 1 in 4 working people will be caregivers in 2030.

One in three caregivers dies before the person being cared for

The situation of caregivers in France is urgent: their well-being is often relegated to second place compared to the priority given to the patients they support. Today, (you have read 17%, it remains to read 83%, of this article.)

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