Understanding Wounds, Injuries, and Damage in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

2023-12-19 06:30:00

When you take damage in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, you lose hit points… or in Warhammer 40,000 lingo, you lose wounds. When a character reaches 0 wounds, they are incapacitated and cannot fight until the fight ends. After the battle, all characters fully recover their wounds.

This system is incredibly generous, especially considering there are no short or long rest breaks, no need to monitor your health between fights, and no spells or abilities on cooldown. In most cases, you go into battle at full strength, with the exception of one factor: injuries. Now let’s look at how you can get injured in Rogue Trader, what is the difference between fresh and old injuries, how injuries turn into damage, and how to heal both.

What are injuries in Rogue Trader?

Since all lost wounds are automatically restored at the end of the fight, it may seem that the damage taken does not matter. However, if in one turn of the battle you lose a certain percentage of your maximum number of wounds, then at the end of the battle you will receive an injury. Loss of temporary wounds does not count towards determining whether a character will suffer injury. If a character has 0 wounds left, he receives damage in any case, regardless of the number of wounds he lost during the turn.

The number of wounds you need to lose per turn to become injured depends on the difficulty level:


% wounds per round before injury











In addition to being injured from losing a significant number of wounds per turn in combat, you can also automatically become injured from traps outside of combat. Injuries themselves are not very dangerous, although they do reduce the affected character’s Resolve by 1 (the number of injuries does not seem to matter – any injury reduces the character’s Resolve). Thus, the injuries reflect long-term combat fatigue.

Injuries also only accumulate after the fight ends. Once a character is injured, it is a fresh injury, but over time it becomes an old injury. The injuries themselves are almost harmless, but if enough of them accumulate, they turn into damage – and this is much more serious.

Difference between fresh and old injuries

Once a character receives an injury, it is considered fresh. But after a few rounds (one round is 6 seconds if there is no fight), the fresh injury becomes old. What is the difference? Fresh injuries are much easier to treat.

How many rounds it takes for a fresh injury to become old depends on the difficulty:


Rounds to old injury


5 (30 seconds)


4 (24 seconds)


3 (18 seconds)


2 (12 seconds)


1 (6 seconds)

As mentioned earlier, the main difference between fresh injuries and old ones is how to get rid of them. Fresh injuries can be healed in almost any way, even through Psyker’s Empower or other similar direct healing abilities. The use of medikits also removes both fresh and old injuries. But in the case of old injuries, one medic removes only one old injury. These injuries are cleared collectively, only after enough medicites have been used to clear all the old injuries at once.

For example, if you have three old injuries, you need to use medicite three times to get rid of them – you will go from three old injuries straight to zero. So if you’ve been using Medikite to treat old injuries, but nothing seems to have changed… then you need to use Medikite again to clear all the old injuries at once.

As a general rule, immediately after a fight, check your character icons to see if they have any injury icons. If you spot them while they’re fresh, you can potentially save some Medics by healing them quickly. In any case, it’s better to notice injuries while they’re fresh and get rid of them before they get old – it’s better than risking damage.

Damage – effects and treatment

Once a character receives enough old injuries, the entire set of them is replaced by one damage. Also, if a character’s wounds drop to 0 in battle, he automatically receives damage. Injuries are much more serious than injuries – they directly weaken the victim in a variety of ways depending on the specific injury.

How many injuries are needed to result in damage also depends on the complexity:


Number of injuries before damage











Here are some damages you may encounter:



Broken ribs

Reduces strength and toughness by -20. Action points reduced by -1.

Crippled hand

Weapon and ballistics skill reduced by -20.

Crippled leg

Agility reduced by -20. Movement points reduced by 50%.

Head injury

Intelligence, Perception and Will and Sociability reduced by -15.

As you can see, the damage is very unpleasant and undermines combat effectiveness. Trying to continue research with damage is extremely undesirable and often reckless. Unfortunately, getting rid of damage is much more difficult than getting rid of injuries, and this cannot be done on the ground.

Only by returning to his Ship or to a “safe” location will the affected person be able to recover his health. In the case of the Ship, it is sufficient to simply return to the bridge to treat any injuries or damage.

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