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Reduced hours, closed businesses, mass unemployment. Thousands of workers throughout the region and in the US are facing significant economic difficulties as a result of measures at the national and state levels to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The governments of DC, Maryland and Virginia are reducing the eligibility requirements for unemployment assistance thanks to emergency legislation.

Here you can find more information
about who qualifies.


The District of Columbia council passed legislation Tuesday that expanded the jurisdiction’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The number of employees who qualify for unemployment assistance – those who have been laid off or who have lost a significant amount of hours – has been increased, as have protections under the Family Leave and Medical Act.

Unemployment insurance guidelines indicate that employers in the District of Columbia are required to pay their employees during illness under the Accrued Slick and Safe Leave Act.

Who can make a claim for
receive unemployment assistance?

  • An employee (any
    individual employed by an employer)
  • A spouse or partner
  • The parent of the employee or
  • Children
  • Brothers and sisters of
    employee or spouse
  • A person who has cohabited
    with the employee for not less than 12 months

Non-covered employees

  • Independent Contractors
  • Students
  • Health workers
  • Volunteers who worked at
    non-profit organizations, charities, religious establishments or
  • Elected or appointed members
    in a religious organization
  • Employees in a company of
    construction or industry covered by a reliable collective agreement.
  • Causal babysitters

Workers can apply for unemployment insurance on the Department of Employment Services website.


Governor Ralph Northam announced several protective actions for Virginia residents affected by the outbreak. The usual one-week waiting period will not apply to ensure that worker benefits are distributed as soon as possible. Now, more employees may be eligible for assistance, including those who have voluntarily quarantined and are not on sick leave from their employers. Also, there will be fewer restrictions for workers applying for unemployment insurance.

The Governor’s Office has on its website a guide to the most frequently asked questions for workers who have been temporarily laid off by the coronavirus.

Unemployment claims can be filed with the Virginia Employment Commission once the person has been unemployed for a full day. Workers who have had their hours reduced can also apply to a maximum benefit of $ 378 per week.

More information visit this link.


Workers in Maryland must first use their paid days off given by their employer. The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act requires employers with 15 or more workers to offer sick leave.

The legislators of the
state approved an emergency declaration on Wednesday extending the
benefits to people who have lost their jobs for related causes
to the coronavirus. It also allows the government to expand benefits to
individuals at risk of exposure or who need to care for a family member

Workers are eligible for unemployment insurance if they lost their job for reasons beyond their control. Sick people are not eligible, but some who have been placed in isolation by a medical professional may qualify.

Claims must be submitted through the state department of labor website or by phone.

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.


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