“Unemployment benefits must be limited in time, that is to say 2 years”

After energy, the second priority of the MR in this new school year is employment. “The crux of the problem is that we have a lot of people who work and who can’t manage to live with dignity from their work,” says Georges-Louis Bouchez. “Our objective is a tax cut of 8 to 10 billion euros. There may be a part in shift (sliding towards other levies, Editor’s note), but for us, it must essentially be a tax cut: lowering taxation. Lowering labor taxes can be done quickly. »

How does the MR finance this objective? “Not enough of us work in Belgium. It’s not complicated. We have one of the lowest employment rates in the European Union. We devote 1.8% of our GDP to unemployment expenses. It’s colossal. We want a Job deal 2 to activate more job seekers. Take the example of someone who earns €1,800 net. The one who is unemployed earns 1,400. As he has his crèche which costs him €1, he has social housing, the social rate, his free medication with BIM status. Objectively, the guy will wonder why he should work. »

►► He proposes a strong measure to encourage people to work: “Limit unemployment benefits in time, that is to say 2 years”

►► The President of the MR also attacks the Minister of Employment, Pierre-Yves Demagne: “We are facing a minister who does nothing”

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