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Unemployment continues to decline in November

The decline continues. While several economic sectors are already suffering from the consequences of the 5th wave of coronavirus due to the Delta variant and that which is preparing because of Omicron which appeared in early November in South Africa, the latest unemployment figures do not reflect for the moment this double threat.

Because this Monday morning, a few hours from yet another Health Defense Council during which the executive could decide to put in place new restrictions, the figures published by the Dares (Directorate for the Animation of Research, Studies and of Statistics is a directorate of the French central public administration) show that the number of job seekers in category A (without activity) fell again in November, with 55,800 fewer job seekers (-1.7 %), to 3.321 million.

Including reduced activity (categories B and C), the number of job seekers in France (excluding Mayotte) is down 0.7% in November compared to the previous month (-39,800 people) and stands at to 5.669 million, according to the Statistics Directorate (Dares). This number had dropped back in October to below the pre-crisis level of December 2019 (5.726 million), then recording a decrease of 1.6%.

Decline in the third trimester

While the number of job seekers in category A drops significantly, those in category B and C have increased by 0.7% (+16,100). Over one year, the drop in category A is 13.2% (-505,300). For categories A, B and C, it is -5.7% (-341,800). The Dares does not comment on the monthly data, which is too volatile, favoring quarterly developments.

The latest quarterly results published at the end of October showed a drop in the number of category A unemployed by 5.5% in the third quarter.

Categories A were then just below the pre-crisis level, with 5,200 fewer job seekers compared to the 4th quarter of 2019. For categories A, B and C as a whole, it remained above its level d ‘pre-crisis (+124.100).

Despite this sixth consecutive monthly decline, the number of unemployed remains 10% higher than at the end of February before the start of the health crisis.

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