Unemployment insurance: full application from December 1, confirms Élisabeth Borne

While the number of unemployed (category A) recorded a drop of 5.5% in the third quarter in France (excluding Mayotte) compared to the previous quarter, Élisabeth Borne, the Minister of Labor confirmed the full application of the reform of Unemployment insurance on 1 December.

Concretely, this application concerns in particular the last two controversial measures of the reform with the hardening of the rules on the degression of benefits and on the duration of affiliation necessary to open or top up a right.

“From December 1st, you will have to have worked 6 months and no longer 4 months to benefit from unemployment benefit, and the degression will apply beyond the 6th month and not from the 8th month as today” for salaries beyond 4,500 euros, detailed the Minister of Labor on France Inter.

Reduced allowance for more than a million unemployed

The hardening of the rules for calculating unemployment benefit has already entered into force on October 1, but the application of these two provisions was subject to certain conditions for improving the labor market.

“Today, the criteria are met, since we had a very large number of hires over the last four months and since with these 200,000 fewer job seekers in the last quarter, we are almost double of the decrease which was necessary for the two provisions to come into force, ”detailed the Minister of Labor. For the government, this text will encourage job seekers to seek lasting work. Conversely, for unions, it is mostly an unfair rule.

According to an estimate made public in April by Unédic, up to 1.15 million job seekers who would open unemployment rights after the implementation of the reform would see their allowance decrease by 17% on average. At the same time, however, the theoretical duration of compensation would be longer. She would go from eleven months on average to fourteen months.

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