Unemployment is growing by 15,600 people in the Valencian Country due to the increase in the active population

ValenciaUnemployment increased by 15,600 people (+ 3.96%) during the second quarter of 2021 in the Valencian Country, the highest increase in absolute terms by autonomous communities in the State, according to data from the Labor Force Survey (EPA) made public this Thursday by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

Although the number of people in employment grew by 55,100 (+ 2.77%), the balance for the quarter was negative due to the increase in the active population (citizens who want to work) by 70,700 people (+2.96 %). By sectors, services (+21,700 people) were where more people found a new job, followed by construction (+17,600), industry (+10,700) and agriculture (+5,100).

As for the unemployment rate, it is at 16.67%, when in March it was 16.51%. If we evaluate the data for the last 12 months, the number of people who want to work and cannot work grew by 18,700 in the Valencian Country, the third highest increase behind Andalusia (79,700 more) and the Canary Islands (45,900).

The regional secretary of employment, Enric Nomdedéu, has assessed the EPA in a positive way and has defended that “it clearly shows the positive trend towards the recovery of economic activity after the pandemic” because “people who were until now outside the labor market they are beginning to rejoin, possibly encouraged by the gradual reduction of restrictions and the improvement of economic expectations. ” To confirm his analysis, Nomededéu pointed out that 41% (6,400 people) of the new unemployed are people without previous work experience.

The regional secretary of employment also stressed that the counties of Alicante are those that register, “by far”, a better performance: reduce the number of unemployed people by 8,700 (-5.14%) and increase employment ( +21,200 citizens). These figures are “most likely related to the reactivation of the tourism sector in recent months,” added Nomdedéu, who called for caution because “the data come until June and therefore do not yet include the impact of the fifth wave of the pandemic “.

From the Valencian Business Confederation have agreed with the balance of the regional secretary of employment and have positively assessed the figures of the EPA. The entity has issued a statement stating that the data “verify more dynamism during the second quarter of the year in activity and employment” which has encouraged the “incorporation of assets [treballadors] which, by not being transformed entirely into new occupations, has raised the number of unemployed. “

Juan Carlos Gallart, Secretary of Employment of Workers’ Commissions, has been much more critical, emphasizing that the Labor Force Survey reflects how the Valencian Country is one of the few territories where the unemployment rate has risen. “It should be emphasized that the data could be even worse without the social protection measures in force, as today almost 35,000 Valencians remain in ERTO,” added Gallart.

3.54 million unemployed in the state

Statewide, SEPE lists were cut by 110,100 people during the second quarter (the strongest quarterly drop since the same quarter in 2019), while the unemployment rate fell to 15.26%. In total, there are currently 3.54 million unemployed in Spain, ie 175,900 more than in the middle of 2020. If we compare it with 2019, the gap is even more pronounced: there are 313,200 people more than listed as unemployed.


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