Unemployment: job seekers have until April 15 to register

The closure of Pôle emploi’s doors to the public since Monday March 23, as a containment measure, does not change anything. As every month, job seekers will have to update their situation between this Saturday and Wednesday April 15 at midnight. Nearly 5.67 million subscribers (at the end of February) in France (including the overseas departments) are indeed required to make this declaration, without which they will be removed from the lists with the financial consequences.

In the absence of this obligatory gesture, the allowances are suspended, resulting in often dramatic consequences for those most in difficulty. The vast majority complete this process via the Internet, on the dedicated personal page on the Pôle emploi site or via the “My space” mobile app.

Among them, 178,000 registered unemployed people nevertheless continue to travel in agencies. “Some, because they do not have a computer or Internet connection, others prefer to do this with an agent so as not to be mistaken. With this health crisis situation we cannot receive them in agencies, ”warns the management of the operator who has implemented a number of measures to warn them.

Reinforcements planned to expand the teams

Radio campaign, letters, SMS sent to people twice and telephone reminders… The Pôle Emploi agents did not skimp on getting the message across. Even today, a number of advisers picked up their phones so that no one could pass through the holes of the racket. “We told them that they must update themselves by phone at 3949,” said the entourage of the management of Pôle Emploi. As of this Monday, reinforcements are also planned to expand the teams in view of an influx of calls to the platform.

Unemployed workers arriving at the end of their rights after March 1 are also called to “point”. The government has decided to make a move by extending “exceptionally” the rights to the return to work assistance allowance (ARE) and those linked to the specific solidarity allowance (ASS) during the confinement period .

The payment of these allowances will indeed be extended by one month, or even more depending on the development of the health situation. The extension will be done automatically, subject of course to the updating of the job seekers concerned. It will be effective for payments made from the beginning of April. “If the confinement lasts beyond April, we will extend their rights again in May for example,” assured the entourage of the Minister of Labor Muriel Pénicaud.

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