Unexpected products land in Aldi stores in Belgium

Surprise. Aldi announced the sale of new products in its stores in Belgium. From this Saturday, it will be possible to find refurbished iPhones on the shelves of the discount store: the second generation SE model. Airpods and Apple Watch will also be available.

“This is a one-off promotion,” announced the brand’s spokesperson to Sudpresse, specifying that smartphones are not new but “refurbished by Renewd”. “There will be an additional sign that will be placed next to the device, indicating that it is not new but that it has a second life and that it has been largely checked,” adds the carrier. word. More than 80 points of the devices will be checked.

An action from Aldi supported by Test-Achats. But the consumer association still insists on the need to properly inform customers about what a refurbished device is. “The question is whether Aldi will do it and what will be the quality of the after-sales service”, asks the organization at Sudpresse.

The smartphones will be on sale at a price of 369 euros, which is not cheap for a reconditioned device according to Test-Achats. “A new device is only 100 euros more expensive”, assures the association.

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