Unhappy Krampol after the death of his wife Hanka († 59): I knew it for three days!

Hanička has been doing well lately, what suddenly happened?

“She felt sick. She ate two pieces of lean meat with effort. Suddenly she got up that she was sick and that she had to go to the bathroom. She fell to the ground on the way. I hurriedly picked her up and tried to give her artificial respiration. Nothing helped.”

What did she die of?

“Then the doctor told me she was bleeding from the ulcer on her esophagus. Her ulcer had already ruptured once, and they had to be transfused at Na Františku Hospital. They saved her then. “

How could you have guessed that something bad was going to happen?

“I have it sometimes. Such a premonition. Hanička and I were at a coffee shop in Prague Castle four days ago and then we slowly went to Petřín. The poor man has been locked up in hospitals for so long. “

And did you suspect something bad instead of well-being?

“It simply came to our notice then. I had such a strange distress in me. I almost knocked inwardly. Everything was in my throat and there was a strange nostalgia in me. I didn’t understand why. “

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Have you ever had it?

“Sometimes. For example, when my dad died or on other sad occasions. “

This is strange, because everything seemed to be on the right track with Hanička.

“Yes, I was glad that Hanka gained a few pounds, that she went to the hairdresser, that she was interested in things around her. Maybe she was looking forward to her son and grandchildren. Petr called her to invite her, and she immediately remembered the last time she’d played a memory game with the children in the garden when she’d been left the hospital. She was very happy. We also had to go on holiday to Moravia together. I was still very weird. “

How do you bear your wife’s sudden death?

“It simply came to my notice then. She died in my arms at home, I called her back, tried mouth-to-mouth breathing, I wanted to revive her. She was bleeding from an ulcer on her esophagus. We’ve been together for twenty-seven years, I’ve been hanging on to her, I can’t be alone. I need to share my life with someone. When she was still in the hospitals, I suffered from loneliness. “

He called 155

Although the actor immediately called for help, everything was in vain. Even his attempts to revive. “On Monday around half past six in the evening, we received an emergency call on line 155, on the basis of which we sent a medical rescue crew to the given address. “She had a cardiac arrest. The coroner then arrived at the scene, “Poštová added to what happened in the apartment near the Old Town Square in Prague.

The actor cannot arrange a funeral: A death certificate is missing

His hands are tied. Jiří Krampol he is obliged to order cremation. But he can’t do anything yet, he hasn’t received a death certificate. An autopsy takes place before he can dispose of the body.

“The final form of the ceremony will be decided by the family,” pointed out the actor’s manager Miloš Schmiedberger (72). “I hate funus. I didn’t go to Honza Skopeček on Monday either. I prefer to visit these people while I’m still alive. But somehow I have to escort Hanička with dignity. Say goodbye to her, “said Krampol, whose manager is now driving to work. The results of the autopsy will last a few more days and without them he will not receive the necessary document. “It is very sad that Hanka died, but Jirka has to fulfill his obligations. We were on a working meeting with Šárka and Natálka Grossová and we are already dealing with two Christmas performances. He is also preparing to shoot the film Bastardi 4. This does not mean that he is not grieving for his wife. But life goes on, “said Schmiedberger.

Years full of accidents

December 2012

Hanka fell down the stairs early in the morning when she went to walk the dog. She broke her left knee. They had to operate on her at Na Františku Hospital.

December 2013

Almost a day, exactly a year later, Hanka fell again, this time breaking her shoulder. They operated on her again.

October 2016

Before filming the program, Krampol’s wife went to the hairdresser’s, slipped on her way back and broke her right ankle. This time they did not operate on it, with the proviso that they must not step on their feet in plaster for 2 months.

February 2019

Hanka just smokes and doesn’t eat, she disappears before her eyes. She feels bad. She ended up in the care of the University Hospital on Charles Square.

June 2019

He treats Krampol at Na Františku Hospital for anorexia. She lost only 47 kilograms. He still thinks only of cigarettes.

July 2019

Hanka leaves for the hospital in Červený Dvůr, where she is four weeks old. She is still very thin and addicted to cigarettes.

August 2019

Due to their addiction to smoking, they accept Hanka in the Bohnice hospital. After three months, improvement is finally visible. The former kindergarten teacher gained 14 kilos and looks satisfied.

November 2019

Hank Krampol was released from Bohnice. Her husband Jiří is looking forward to the end of the nightmare after 10 months.

December 2019

Promises, Promises. Hanka suffocated that she would cut with cigarettes, but she couldn’t. A duodenal ulcer burst because of it, bleeding into her abdomen. An ambulance takes her again to Na Františku Hospital.

Members 2020

Hanka broke her pubic bone during an unfortunate transfer to a bed in the hospital. They take her back to the Bohnice hospital. He must still lie down. Coronavir quarantine is announced in March and patients cannot leave the rooms. Husband Jiří is not allowed to visit.

April 2020

At the end of the month, Jirka finally picks up his wife after 4 months in Bohnice.

June 2020

She traveled to the hospital again, this time for a bowed thumb operation, the so-called hallux. Due to the deformity of the forefoot, when the toe of her left foot grew unnaturally under her toes, she allegedly had trouble walking.

Curse of Hanka Krampolová († 59): Her life was marked by two deaths. She gave birth to a dead daughter and …

There was a lot for the kindergarten teacher. Hanka Krampolová herself († 59) spoke of the two worst moments of her life, which marked her forever and actually indirectly led her to her death by bleeding on Monday. When she remembered them, she couldn’t help but cry.

Hanka had a son, Petr (40) from her first marriage, and they wished for other children with Jiří Krampol (d. 82). They didn’t succeed for a long time, until she became pregnant at thirty-five and the actor’s happiness knew no bounds. “Unfortunately, they took my amniotic fluid in my eighth month because I was on a high-risk pregnancy,” Hanka always recalled. When she went to her mother after the operation, her amniotic fluid drained and she had to go to the hospital. “I told the doctors I hadn’t felt any movement for three days. They quickly gave birth to me and I gave birth to a dead baby girl, “Hanka cried over the accident that happened to her 24 years ago. She never fully recovered. And fate was already preparing another rough test for her in 2012.

The actor’s wife was talking on the phone with her mother when Marie Kalistová († 76) died during the conversation. She fought liver cancer for several months. Hanka only had her, Dad left earlier. “We laughed together and suddenly there was a strange silence. I talked to her, then I screamed desperately, Mom, Mom, but nothing. Jiříček and I quickly took a taxi to my mother. She was already dead, “Krampol described the moments that marked her forever. She could never forget the terrible experience, often returning to it in her mind and unable to sleep.

It was the year 2012, when Hanka fell down the stairs while walking Žanetka and broke her knee. This started a series of incredible health problems, which unfortunately led to death after Monday’s long suffering on Monday at half past six in the evening.

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