UNHCR warns of humanitarian crisis in Cabo Delgado

Published on : 24/01/2021 – 03:28

The Portuguese Foreign Minister, whose country currently chairs the EU, spent three days in Mozambique over the weekend. The EU-Maputo reports were discussed, particularly on the security issue, which is of growing concern. The increase in jihadist attacks in the north of the country, Cabo Delgado, “worsens the humanitarian crisis”, alerted the United Nations at the same time.

In 2020, the number of internally displaced persons rose from 90,000 to more than 565,000. At least 2,500 people were killed. Senior UN officials in southern Africa have jointly communicated their concern, urging the international community to act.

Among them was Burkinabé Valentin Tapsoba, director of the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees for Southern Africa, who recently visited in northern Mozambique. « The current situation is extremely urgent, he alerted. The international community cannot stand idly by, otherwise the balance sheets will swell and the deaths will be counted in the tens of thousands. »

Among the subjects that worry him, Valentin Tapsoba notably mentioned “ all these young people displaced without occupation ». « They don’t go to school, and if nothing is done Mozambique will inherit a lost generation “, He estimated. He also pointed out “ worrying shelter conditions “Of these displaced persons, including 90%” stay with host families, who selflessly receive family members, friends, and sometimes strangers ”.

« This has serious consequences on their already scarce resources, and on the lack of space. I visited a family in Pemba which hosted 66 people. The displaced all slept on the floor in the same room and shared a single toilet. You understand the promiscuity and hygiene problems that this poses. »

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