“Uni-President Dominates Week 9 as Lotte Struggles: In-Depth Analysis and Future Speculation”

2023-05-29 05:00:54

In the ninth week, Uni-President swept Lotte to the throne, and Fubon also ushered in a wave of fast-forward attacks. The reason is explained in detail with data. Whether the topic character Li Duohui’s coming to Taiwan really has an impact on Lotte’s luck, the text also includes small statistics and interpretations, as well as an explanation of the overall situation of the league in the ninth week and future speculation and other content.

Week 9:2023/05/23~2023/05/28


Watch the game every week, talk about the big and small things of the five teams, in front of the Kaohsiung MRT O3 station, let’s talk about the vocational school together.

Those who come out to run will have to pay back sooner or later. If luck is used up, they have to wait for the CD.

If you want to briefly explain how Lotte was swept by Uniform, this is probably the case.

Excluding the Sunday game, the league’s average residual base percentage (LOB%) is 64%, while Lotte’s is even lower at 58.7%. As for Lotte’s opponents, their LOB% is the highest in the league at 85.9%, which makes people want to ask.” Who is the home stadium of Taoyuan Stadium?”

Although part of this is due to poor grasp of the ball, and Lotte is now in a slump in hitting, but the same ball is rolling on the ground, Lotte is looking for someone, and Uniform is looking for holes. The batting average (BABIP) of the two sides is different. The very large .224 vs. 300 has a feeling of “too much luck in the eighth week, and all of them will be returned in the ninth week”. This is the same as the card is maxed out. Using a credit card really requires proper financial planning.

All in all, after a unified wave of acceleration, the current league record looks like this:

The league’s record from the first half of 2023 to the ninth week

As above.

According to the current situation, Uni-President should walk away like this. The champion in the first half of the season is confirmed, and Lotte has to think about the usage plan for Hao Jin and Su Junzhang. Otherwise, if the only two stable RPs explode after the end of the first half of the season, the best situation for them is to play in the Challenger League, and they start with one loss first, and the worst situation is that they lose in the second half of the season due to pitchers. A crushing defeat and fourth place in the annual settlement, that is a story even sadder than sad.

As for Uni-President, after all, Uni-President is the team whose long hitters are least affected by the WBC, and also the team whose overall important pitchers are least affected by the WBC, and also has the most powerful lineup of foreign players. It is difficult to expect them to disintegrate in the air. A little bit high, so there should be no suspense that they will win the championship in the first half of the season all the way.

Back to the topic, in the ninth week, the league is divided into two groups, a group with strong pitching and hitting, and another group with weak shooting and hitting. The team with strong pitching and playing skills is Uni-President and Fubon, with 4 wins and 3 wins and 1 loss respectively. The other three teams are another group with 1 win and 3 losses.

Specifically, how strong are Fubon and Uni-President? The relative attack index (OPS+) of Uni-President’s attack is 125.5, the second highest in the alliance, and the relative defense rate (ERA+) is 241.4, the highest in the alliance; the OPS+ of Fubon’s attack is 134.3, the highest in the alliance. The ERA+ is 228.7, which means that in the ninth week, these two teams will basically watch the performances, and the other three teams will come to accompany them.

Let’s talk about the league’s battle situation first, and then let’s talk about shooting performance. As usual, start with the hitters.

Zhong Chengyou had to think of a way to play the line.
Screenshot of CPBLTV


It’s been another week of rolling fires.

In the ninth week, more than half of the league’s balls went on the ground, and the situation worsened a bit compared to the eighth week. Specifically, the proportion of grounded balls rose from 49.5% to 50.5%, officially exceeding half. Wildball, watching it can not help but make people feel nostalgic for the past, and there is an illusion of dreaming back to 2000.

As for why this is the case, it is still the same. Each team has its own problems, and it all becomes like this.

At this point, each team hits the numbers, and then the teams go on:

The league’s 2023 week nine hit stats

As above.

Although the overall comparison is better than the eighth week, there are two main reasons. The first is that the team that played well has greatly improved, which has led to an increase in the overall number. The other reason is that the ball is rolling on the ground. Just get out, the increase in batting average is almost equal to the increase in BABIP, that is to say, the league as a whole can hit the ball more, and then the balls hit are more likely to form hits.

Next, let’s talk about the plight of each team. The teams in trouble have a common feature, that is, the lack of long-swing providers. Their long-swing providers leave the line for various reasons or cannot provide long-swingers. Let’s start with Lotte.

What Rakuten showed in Week 9 is what it means to be at the bottom of the line. By all accounts, their hitters are trying to find a way to touch the ball, and they will choose to touch the ball in the field when the final decision is made. , which allows them to have the most ball-consuming lineup in the league, but it completely hurts the team’s offensive strength.

This is why, in a way, they may have a problem with their 2 strike approach (2 strike approach). Theoretically, if you keep destroying the ball, the result you can get is to wait until the ball is missed and then hit it hard, or grind to four balls and get on base.

However, Lotte seems to deliberately push outside and pull inside after two strikes. As a result, he often swings in the air or hits a deliberately deflected roll, or a pop-up that sprays into the air, and is finally collected by the fielder. As for whether it will get better at the lowest tide, we have to use that sentence to explain: the darkness before dawn is the deepest, but we don’t know if it is seven o’clock in the evening.

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