“Uni-President Lions vs Lotte Peach Ape: Live Updates and Scores of Game 7 and Previous Matches”

2023-05-24 13:06:00

Game 7 (Lions 0:0 Apes)

On the 7th, Lei Fa struck out Chen Yongji and Lin Yiquan one after another, and then let Lin Daian hit an outfield fly ball to be out. Rayfa went 7 innings with 6 strikeouts, allowing only 1 hit and no score.

Game 6 (Lions 0:0 Apes)

On the 6th, after Lin Jingkai grounded the ball out of the infield, Chen Jiexian hit a strong flat ball in front of the pitcher. Lei Fa blocked it with a glove, but failed to complete the catch, forming an infield hit, which was also the Lions’ first safety in this game . Lin Zihao went out with a fly ball, Su Zhijie picked four bad walks, and the Lions scored a point circle for the first time in this campaign. However, Lin Anke hit a fly ball in the middle field and was caught, and the two sides still maintained a 0:0 tie.

After 6 downs, the first hitter Lin Li’an hit base, and then advanced to second base with Cheng Jin’s sacrificial strike. Yang Jinhao was struck out with full balls, and Lan Yinlun grounded out at first base, but still failed to score from Luo Ang.

Game 5 (Lions 0:0 Apes)

On the 5th, Lei Fa first struck out Lin Yiquan, let Lin Dai’an hit an infield ground ball, and then asked Lin Zujie to swallow a K. Rayfa has pitched 5 innings without a hit.

With 5 hits, Guo Yanwen, Ma Jiesen and Guo Yongwei hit infield ground balls one after another and were out. Roon’s performance was not too bad, and he only got one hit from the apes in 5 innings.

Game 4 (Lions 0:0 Apes)

On the 4th, Su Zhijie was out with a ground ball in the infield, Lin Anke missed a swing and was struck out, Chen Yongji was out with a fly ball over the infield, and Lei Fa threw three ups and three downs again after the first inning.

In 4 downs, Yang Jinhao hit a throw-in behind the home plate, which was caught by the Lions catcher Lin Dai’an, making the first out. After Lan Yinlun hit a fly ball to third base and was out, Liao Jianfu went to base with a walk. But Lin Hongyu struck out 3 balls in the next bat, and still couldn’t break through Roang.

Game 3 (Lions 0:0 Apes)

On the 3rd, after Lei Fa first let Lin Zujie hit an outfield fly ball, he made 3 bad balls to walk the batter in the face of Lin Jingkai leading the number of balls. Then Chen Jiexian and Lin Zihao, who came on the field to hit the field, hit the center field fly ball one after another and were caught, leaving the base again.

In 3 downs, Ma Jiesen was struck out by Roon with 3 balls, and Guo Yongwei was out with a ground ball in the infield. After Lin Li got to base with a walk, Cheng Jin’s infield grounded out, and Tao Yuan also left two consecutive innings with remaining bases.

Game 2 (Lions 0:0 Apes)

On the 2nd, after Lin Anke’s infield ground ball was out, Chen Yongji stood still and was struck out. Lin Yiquan picked four balls and walked to base, but the next bat Lin Daian hit an infield grounder and failed to continue the offensive.

In 2 downs, Lan Yinlun Xiang hit the first ball with a batting rate of nearly 40%, forming a double, and advanced to third base with the infield ground ball of Liao Jianfu on the next bat. Lin Hongyu hit the ball weakly in the guerrilla direction, and Lin Jingkai quickly passed the ball to the home plate after receiving it, killing Lan Yinlun in front of the home plate. Guo Yanwen’s outfield fly ball was out, and Tao Yuan returned without success in this game.

Game 1 (Lions 0:0 Apes)

On the 1st, Chen Jiexian was out of the game with an infield ground ball, Lin Zihao and Su Zhijie hit the outfield fly ball one after another and were caught and killed. Lei Fa threw three ups and three downs in the first game.

In one stroke, Lin Li swung Luo Ang’s first pitch, and was caught by Lin Anke before the home run hit the wall. Cheng Jin also hit a right field fly ball, and the ball went into Lin Anke’s glove again. Yang Jinhao’s infield ground ball was out, and Luo Ang also ended the first game with three ups and three downs.

The Uni-President Lions start the line:

1 Chen Jiexian CF
2 Lin Zihao 3B
3 Su Zhijie LF
4 Lin Anke RF
5 Chan Yong Kee 1B
6 Lin Yiquan DH
7 Lin Daian C
8 Lin Zujie 2B
9 Lin Jingkai SS

Starting Pitcher: Roon

Uniform Lions starting pitcher Roon. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Lotte Peach Ape starts to play:

1 Lin Li RF
2 Sung Jin CF
3 Yang Jinhao 2B
4 Lan Yinlun LF
5 Liao Kin Foo DH
6 Lin Hongyu C
7 Guo Yanwen 1B
8 Ma Jason SS
9 Guo Yongwei 3B

Starting Pitcher: Refa

Lotte Taoyuan started throwing grenade. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

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