Unicredit, prize of one thousand euros to all employees – Corriere.it

Agreement between UniCredit and the credit unions for the recognition of a bonus of over one thousand euros to all male and female workers. The agreement governs the Vap (added value per employee) for 2020, which can be paid in two ways chosen by the employee: one thousand euros in welfare and 88 euros in the form of a dental care policy or 770 euros in cash and 88 euros in the form of a dental care policy. This is a very important result in a very complex and critical context for the country system, for the banking system and for Unicredit, commented the coordinator Fabi in the Unicredit group, Stefano Cefaloni.

Unicredit: a sign of attention for employees

We have reached an agreement with the Italian trade unions for the definition of the company productivity bonus 2020 – let Unicredit know – Despite having in mind the difficult year, it was decided to give a further tangible sign of attention and thanks to our employees for the ‘profuse commitment, which has guaranteed the continuity of service to our customers.

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