unions “disappointed” after the wishes of Emmanuel Macron

The President of the Republic did not convince the unions after his traditional vows on the eve of the New Year.

After the speech comes the hour of reactions. Emmanuel Macron sent his wishes on Tuesday, December 31, to the French before the transition to the new year 2020. The President of the Republic did not make a thunderous announcement, but he reaffirmed that he will carry out “to its end” the pension reform which has been disturbing the country for almost a month.

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Ads that did not convince Laurent Escure, secretary general of UNESCO. He tried the President of the Republic “rather vague on the issue of pensions”, Tuesday December 31 on Franceinfo. A blur who didn’t “not surprised, because I think it’s the Prime Minister who’s on the move”.

Both determined to carry out his reform, with some signs of openness to a compromise to be found, but without saying more.Laurent Escureat franceinfo

While negotiations must resume on January 7, and that Emmanuel Macron called for a compromise, Laurent Escure said he hoped “that the compromise that the president calls for will be a compromise favorable to employees” on the issue of the pivotal age. The secretary general of Unsa ensures that union representatives will be “supporters of dialogue, to try either to obtain guarantees, or advances, or to limit breakage.”

Laurent Escure place his union between “unions who want a victory by K-O, which are in an all or nothing logic” and those “who would like to applaud the reform”. “We, we are neither in one case nor in the other, we think that our job is to best defend the present generations, while protecting a pay-as-you-go system for future generations”, he concludes.

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The secretary general of Force Ouvrière Yves Veyrier said on franceinfo “quite disappointed that the President of the Republic did not hear that the project [de réforme des retraites] does not get the consent of the population “, after the wishes of Emmanuel Macron. Yves Veyrier also put forward the hypothesis of“another motivation: to show that we do not give in, that we are determined, with, perhaps a perspective, the stake of the presidential election”.

While the President of the Republic assured that the pension reform “will be completed”, Yves Veyrier regretted that he used, “the same general formulas which do not correspond to the reality of the single point pension system.”

Yves Veyrier regrets that “the government talks about concertation, that is to say that there is an obligatory framework: the implementation of the points system”. “I will go, He continues, because I don’t want to desert, I don’t want to give the impression that I’m deserting the defense ground of what seems right to us “.

A new inter-professional day of demonstrations and strikes is already scheduled for January 9. “I invite the employees, as many as possible to mobilize with those who are on strike, so that we end up being heard”, calls Yves Veyrier.

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