Unions, parties, associations and media call for demonstrations “for freedoms and against far-right ideas” Saturday June 12

They denounce a “climate of hatred, racist and attacking individual and collective freedoms”.

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Several unions, parties, associations and media including the CGT, Solidaires, Attac, SOS Racisme, the Mrap, Humanity, France rebellious and the NPA call for a “national day of demonstration” June 12 “for freedoms and against the extreme right”.

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“Faced with this climate of hatred, racist and attacking individual and collective freedoms, we have collectively decided to organize on Saturday June 12 a first major national day of demonstration and mobilization which will take place locally”, they write.

Noting a “alarming political and social climate”, in which “to ally with the extreme right or to take again its ideas is not any more a prohibition”, and or “the attacks on freedoms and social rights are on the rise”, the signatories deplore the adoption of “liberticidal laws” who “organize an authoritarian society of surveillance and control”. “In addition, if some of these laws stigmatize part of the population because of their religion, others target them because of their militant activity”, they say.

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