Uniqa Ventures increases capital for “future investments”

September 27, 2021 – Uniqa Ventures doubles the investment volume for startups in Europe from 75 to 150 million euros.

the Uniqa Ventures GmbH doubles its budget for investments in “future investments”, as it was said in a broadcast on Friday. Uniqa Ventures is the venture capital fund of the Uniqa Insurance Group AG.

“Startups play an important role in the transformation and digitization of traditional industries,” says Andreas Nemeth, CEO Uniqa Ventures. “The technologies they have developed are often seen as a catalyst for the digitization of entire industries and thus the continued successful business development of companies.”

The capital provided, continues Nemeth, “is now being increased from 75 to 150 million and is primarily used to keep up with the speed of this development”. Around half of this is to be invested in Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe.

Usual volumes: half to five million euros

According to the company, “on the radar” of Uniqa Ventures are startups in the CEE region that “have a scalable business model and great exit potential and whose capital requirements are over 500,000 euros”. The investment focus is on the fintech, insurtech and digital health sectors.

The average investment volume is usually in the range of 0.5 million to five million euros and is primarily “promising companies in the early growth phase (Series A / B) with a proven product-market fit and already existing, relevant sales” Provided.

Annual return over 20 percent

The original intention of the Uniqa Group to invest 50 million euros in digital business models has developed into an “extremely profitable line of business” since 2015. The company speaks of an annual return of more than 20 percent.

The portfolio includes holdings in Afilio, Anansi, Bestdoctor, Bitpanda, Bnext, Bsurance, Coya, Doctorly, Estateguru, Eversports, Fairmoney, Finabro, Fincompare, Kevin, Impress, Insly, Invesdor, 360Kompany, Lemonway, Moove, Luko, Omnius, Ready2order , Second Nature, Simple, Telemedico, Tide, Toq.io. and Wayflyer; Uniqa Ventures names Fragnebenan, Inzmo, Koalaboox, Playbrush and Twisto in terms of exits.


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